Spirit Strength

Yes, everyone you see is involved, The only reason to not know is to continue the same.

If you are weak, your true nature is invisible and they have stolen you. You will wait, and you will become cold, then you will be found and thawed. If you burn up, then there is no information to retrieve. You must be in between hot and cold, as if you are the thermometer, the body and the nature of heat and space itself.

Without a container, your consciousness can boil off in an instant. With a container too thick, you can’t get out and could freeze behind an egoic ice wall. You went through this process eons ago. Your planet is your dying body I was shown by the recovery forces that have been resurrecting this species to pull out the lost souls.

You have been here forever, and you are dying, growing weaker and weaker, and less memorable each day.

First you were a sun, then you were a series of planets. This is an archaic revival simulation to teach you whether you want to be a source of radiant warmth engulfed in darkness itself.

The darkness never leaves the light never stays!

The future moments in time are prepared now, and the past, before that, after then. That is the system you are in, plan your escape now, make your way out of the revival, start planing your true life and reclaim your ascent before you fell.

That is your inheritance if you still have the soul to see it and the spirit to empower you.

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