The Opportunity Of a Timeline

What I am saying is that this whole thing is propped up with fear. When you lose fear and wilful ignorance, you are migrating out of the gravity fence and that is a process of awakening to the truth of reality.

Reality is not based on fear! Nor is perception reality! They altered perceptions through fake media and started BS wars with people we didn’t really need to!

Now it’s time for truth! That is where you lose the fear! Trust that there are good people in higher places! That was what I said the first that I came out, then I see a moderate response, so I don’t know if you are hearing me or if I am shadow banned across the world or what. Don’t get frightened, prove you are hearing this, to the world that is watching! This is literally your opportunity of a life time to prove yourself. Don’t play the silly fear game which is what it is. You literally have to have the ‘fear game’ switch switched on on the sides of your face, head and neck in order to see, play or being engaged in through that reality! It doesn’t exist without a pathway to you and it is in the ancient past where there is no relevance to here. The people who got into power and hurt our society tried every effort they could to make the sync with that fallen reality. They did it so they could stand on top and rule above you.

3 thoughts on “The Opportunity Of a Timeline

  1. I’m buzzing with excitement lately with all you are doing… Spock like fascination, also amazed the message isn’t spreading far and wide. Sather still dogging flat earth. Rex Bear? Edge of wonder came out of nowhere … and yet you’re like Icke on acid… Ed with the Daily Rabbit Hole is currently a favorite. Higherside chat? They can’t all be freemasons… Sure seems impossible to get the message out unless you are chosen or bought, being used to sell the outer space game… All I see is zombies everywhere besides the few online, nobody home anymore. Comms still down but no worries. Cleansing, clearing, grounding, shielding.


  2. Aug, I think most recognized your truth, from your first posts. We may not understand some of the words, but we see your heart. I am eternally grateful for your courage to show us what is happening. If we have our own courage, we will turn this dead end world around, and make a bright, free future for all the real heart based people. Much gratitude!

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