If you are a witch and you have been using black magic to hurt others, all of your outward harm will come back to you as Humanity and your cohorts are liberated.

It is in your best interests, to stop attempting to send death energy to your harvester.

Your master is no longer here.

Please do not make this more difficult for yourself.

This is about truth, compassion, self awareness, knowledge, free will to assist in the liberation of humanity.

Yes, they were in the highest orders of the government.

Yes, they were raping and killing babies on a regular basis and sending the recorded bio emissions and neurological impressions through supercomputer systems out across the population.

Your witch, witches masters are not in power.

If you continue, you are doing so under the acknowledgement that everything you do is being recorded. Every message you send is being recorded.

Every email you send is being recorded.

Every false thing you say, every lie, every insult, every negative spell you spin in the web, is now being recorded.

Here’s an update. Everyone else took better options. You’re actually digging yourself deeper, thinking you’re running hard for the ‘newwork’.

Too late, every agency is involved, and they don’t operate under the assumption that everyone chooses the easier path.

3 thoughts on “Witch

  1. A witch is just an adept working with the forces. s/he chooses either path as each of us does. please don’t confuse a witch with a satanist. Although there are indeed confused satanic witches, the indigenous animist culture of Britain and Europe was ALMOST wiped out by Roman Empire/ Jesuits and whomever. The witches were the holy-women and men of the animist society who were targeted because of their knowledge and power within those indigenous societies, very much like the medicine wo/men of Native American society. Perhaps it’s just semantics but it is worth understanding the distinction. thanks


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