No More Negativity

So everyone can see how we’re getting harassed. This is someone who is connected with sexual abuse. These people have been harassing me, specifically since I came out 2 years ago. I was first warned by a friendly message to stay away. I never let their posts or comments come through. 100% of their posts are strange comments with mentions of blood, hate, evil, or darkness with symbolism and spell magic involved. Please do not harass people. This is for the healing and support of everyone involved.

The strange comments have been left up but the individual has been banned. This was the individual that I banned last week after they began harassing me (again, across multiple accounts, different web sites and with different messages and intentions each time).

I thank the one who protected me with that warning because I never let their posts through after two years and now they are non stop trying to harass and insult me and I do not know who they are.

It is not my job to tell you, but it is not my job to suffer in the dark and then spread toxicity through emotions.

All offenders have been banned.

I have no say in the matter.

I have to protect myself. I am no longer open to communicating with anyone who’s intentions are not for the liberation of Humanity.

The reason I went from one course to another is because the Most High opened His Mind and Heart to me, but it was only because I was open to compassion and truth and that was my free will.

I thank you all. I hold no animosity.

I do not consent to black magic, to spells, to insults and harassment.

I do not want to interact with anyone who holds intent to harm, degrade, insult, harass or otherwise bring pain and suffering to my life or this world.

My intentions are to assist in the mental liberation of humanity. Please excuse any side ways comments or awry attitudes. I thank you.

I will continue to hold the highest intentions for humanity is the liberation of the truth through compassion, knowledge, and free will.

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