A World Awakening

By Danijel Valković

Emotional awareness ( heart-based ) unlocks informational awareness ( mind-based ) .

Emotional and informational awareness unlocks the mentality change .

The mentality change unlocks the capability to become a crucial catalyst in the society and compatibility with the more empowering systems .


The mentality change unlocks the true currency within the people – which initiates the change in shallow false currencies , the financial system .

The change in financial system echoes back onto the individual and collective mentality – achieving critical point by dropping the excuses and distractions within many individuals .

Simultaneously , the mentality change exposes the truth/s behind falsified history , religious and ideological manipulations and blood sacrifices , various organizations and corporations greed and hidden agenda … and much worse . Shocks serve as catalysts – or finalization points , depending on the individual . Collective reaches the critical point .

The change in financial system bridges the gap between old unsustainable ( already collapsing ) system into a system fully supported ( but not fully depended on ) by released / unsupressed advanced technologies .

The full technological disclosure also begins parallely with financial reset , and is also enabled by mentality change .

The true currency mentality ( self-appreciation , true unity within and true independence ) backs up both financial and technological changes . Much less dependent – seeing an elevated higher purpose clearly .

An elevated higher purpose overrides any abuses both within and “outside” the individuals – true currency compliments the elevated higher purpose , and elevated higher purpose compliments the true currency . Individual becomes empowered in means beyond the current limitations . Transhumanist agenda fails immediately .

At one point , Unveiling is finalized – and old artificial reality becomes uncomprehensible by the new , authentic one . Essentially , the old one is dissolved ( together with all those who have chosen it ) .

The technological pillars serve a temporary bridge gap ( in similar way like a financial one , altough on bigger level ) towards “organic technology” . Human capabilities overgrow that of technological , and technology becomes obsolete and pointless at one point .

An individual becomes everyone , realizing fully he and she is a focal point of creation and becomes fully unbound to time and space – a living starship , a living multiverse on its own . A creation uncomprehensible by words .


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