Spiritual Refinement, Ticket to the Future

Everytime someone looked, we were so far down, they thought this was what we wanted.

We are one layer above ‘hell’, the recycler of the universe.

We dropped down after being artificially pumped up into a higher plane.

Humanity fought against itself to produce the next and best terror weapon.

There was a cloaking field that only let out of the planet, the joyous emotions from hurting others. Thus, everyone looking in thought it was just a planet of lower life forms that are so silly and raunchy they love this kind of stuff and can’t even see that we’re looking in on them.

They were looking at discarnate children souls turned into drone soldiers and artificial bio emission generators to map out the universe and delay the discovery of what had happened.

If people choose fear, hate, anger and greed, that does not exist in the future and so that soul can only go backwards.

Fear, hate, anger, goes back in time.

Courage, understanding, compassion, goes up in the field.

We are in the brain fields of a higher being and so what you’re brain fields do are going to tune you into where you are going in the higher field.

This is not about revenge, even a little bit.

Everything was brought to a balance and that doesn’t mean more misunderstanding and more angst.

It was painful but necessary to know.

Most of what was experienced in the awakening, if not all, was the traumatizing events that I participated in, previously, that had pushed my mind, underneath itself, folded over, into a compartmentalized, emotionally dulled blindness.

These events had to pass and as they did I knew who I was. I knew why I had seen before, previously, and where I had been.

In short, they didn’t know we were being held hostage (through ignorance and fear), by being tricked into using the wrong language and accepting the wrong behavior just out of conformity.

This civilization was populated for the purpose of tricking the remaining human society into dissolution.

If you do nothing, this is not the end of this for you. You will wake up without your memory and this will all start all over again.

Higher power intervened in that event and allowed me to claim my soul. I was dying the megadeath, band because there was one ounce of love in my soul, the universe broke upon the bases and pulled me out. Everything changed at that point, forever.

I only looked back to make sure everyone was out. Now I realize if one does that they can’t stay. You have to move forward and not look back for those who are not moving forward with you.

They go to the previous realm and try all over again after never knowing you ever existed. If you stay with them, then they, in all their glory, gave that gift of self destruction to you.

If your brainwaves are below a limit of continuity and balance, you will not be able to immediately survive in a plane without war.

You have been formatted for war, whether or emotional or physical, you have to reformat your mind for truth, compassion, self awareness, knowledge and free choice (free will).

You can help the others but you can’t do it by staying in the same position that started the disconnect in the first place. If you can’t help another to connect to themselves, to know what they are doing, and they can’t see themselves, as if something is in their way, then you are not helping them by refusing to see that.

They created a parasite that enters the DNA through the past, through finding and raping your genetic eve (lol, terminator, interdimensional drone rapist, not funny, excuse me). It contains the artificial DNA signaller that connects directly to the fallen collective.

Maybe they needed assistance, and this is the only way it could be done.

The parasite lives on fear, anger, disrespect, hate, lust, and generally the loss of self control.

Why? They used reptilloid and insectoid DNA to create the dimensional signaller, and this evolved along with us, in our human collective, in the background. Watching us the whole time!

Thus, on the other side, there is, well, there was, a big surprise for everyone right before they get shot back here.

We have to all choose together, what we want for this world. If we can’t, the world goes to the lowest bidder that can.

That decided the course of this civilization. Instead of speaking up, it was easier to trust that they knew what they were doing. They were being deceptive. We were not afraid, they were being deceptive and said they knew what they were doing.

Once we all collective choose healing, this whole system, the ‘brainwaves’ of the planet alter and the dimensional gate system is literally tied into that frequency range.

Meaning, if we shut off the hate and violence, the time warp stops and this place reverts to a high level civilization.

That was how it happened, a jump into an artificially limited past to reexperience the joy of the journey to the present.

Someone got ahold of the technology, took it over, locked everyone else out, and then chose to rampage and do whatever was possible or necessary to take over this growing young society.

This destroyed the future. Now we were alone and untethered. IF we left the body, we’d just float out into space, freeze, and die in a kind of limbo state forever. There was no other home other than the one we had created moving through time as a group and a collective.

With the future gone, the next one up the well was so far advanced it was like watching 10 documentaries listening to a sentence which was an emission of their mind.

They said we have to rebuild the future or there is none.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Refinement, Ticket to the Future

  1. I’ve caught myself, wondering if my family would make it out. Or me, for that matter but I would probably be that one, like you, looking to see who was behind me. I could see that being hard not, to do. The woman that turned to salt for looking back, frozen in the past.


    1. ‘You have to move forward and not look back for those who are not moving forward with you.’ … angie, I’ve been pondering the same just lately. It seems like the pathway to even get to them or give them a lift is ‘cut off’ or impossible and it gets dissolved as we move forward, so pushing our way back to try and ‘help’ someone else would rather be a self-destructive act…


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