Underground Codon Bases

Everyone you see that ‘came to tell you’ about this, was eaten by them and locked in their techno, animal hybrid, canni bal false reality afterlife.

We woke up in the bases as an artificial environment.
Everyone that has been to the bases was there and is still there, because they were eaten by cannibals and that is their unconscious collective.

That is the bases. That is the projects.

Everything else is a redirection.

Until they stop eating us, we can’t leave this place and the rest of the universe can’t see us because we all look the same, like hybrid DNA animals.

Get it? The fallen civilization?

We’re not us. Because we won’t say that. No one can help and if this civilization ends this period of possible liberation, with submission, we will become a genetic aberration, a sub human off spring of the cannibals who have grown us for fodder and fuel.

They stole us and want to erase our minds and genetics forever to stop anyone from ever stopping them.

2 thoughts on “Underground Codon Bases

  1. This one reminds me of that recurring dream I told Aug about.. Me…. Waking up in the very back section of a speeding, driverless vehicle, that’s bumping down a dirt road lined with trees and obstacles,, struggling to climb over the 3 sets of seats, finally getting into the driver’s seat, grabbing the wheel and slamming on the brakes before it crashes. I always manage to stop the vehicle before the catastrophe. Then I wake up.
    Like we all need to figure this situation out, and who or what we’re dealing with – before it’s too late.
    Thank you, Aug, for helping us do this! We’re all in it together.


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