Shared Self Respect

One way to look at it is that you have a limited number of times to use your ability to remember something you’ve forgotten.

If you spend all your energy, day by day, forgetting, trying to remember, looking and trying to find, you will format your consciousness for half remembering and half forgetting.

We do this naturally. In this state, the added loss of energy from continuing to forget to remember and format your life for remembering, will have a continuously draining effect that will last as long as the life is formatted in a way that we find things difficult to organize mentally.

If you spend your energy on that then it will weigh your mind down over time.

Everything should be as easy to access, find, search, open and close, like a simple dining set or a very very neat worskshop shelf.

We have all our things, of all kinds, of all uses, stored in all ways, in all industries and social groups, without each group and individual knowing how to maintain, clean and effectively use their weapons against false consciousness, ignorance and tyranny.

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