Flip Out (of) Time

Red Light Green (The Past is Phase Shifted) Light

5 thoughts on “Flip Out (of) Time

  1. Here is a link to a scene (~1.17 min/sec) of a guild navigator folding space from the movie Dune. As you will see the energy/plasma (… creating portals…) seems to shoot out of both ends (lol). This is in reference to a couple of your recent posts, which appear to have been taken down…



  2. Well, my love, I would comment on this, but you seem to have deleted the whole post. Therefore, what is the point? I hope that you will repost because what you had to offer what good enough for the masses and for the Tree. What happened there? You have my support and I hope to see more you here. Please re-post.No codes, but NEED to reboot the ass-holiness. Love you lots.


  3. Really, that is the first benefit of a nanite I have heard, meshing with some recent thoughts … synchronousness ! :D <3
    Have you listened to Crash Worship? < fire reference
    The stones, the planets Most High walks upon, entrusts.
    SMH at DeBeers.
    Thank you.Aug.


  4. Some NEED a well-placed kick in the ass in order to flip back in the right spin curve. Here to serve. The faster they can shift from asshole-mode to ‘at least ASK!’ the better. Way past the deadline. Getting embarrassing at this point. Good thing the skinny lady sang.


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