Cry Out

It’s only a soul trap when you CHOOSE to not succeed.

This place is a STEP DOWN, like a TRANSFORMER system.

Their planes diverged from the central source and they are headed towards inadequate desertion.

They CONVINCED everyone to NOT SUCCEED, just so that they could get more time PLAYING AROUND with the YOUTH OF THE AGES.


They reset the clock and put everyone into stasis, taking each soul out to run it’s course as a complete timeline 9×2000 years and then leaving that there and moving on to the next.

This is perfect, they would never get caught, no one could know.

They did this so much, that it literally shut out a pixel in the higher universe. This entire planet was one pixel of information and it was dulled, only once it died could they step in and do something.

This planet is on life support, literally, from an extra dimensional advanced civilization, the Humanity that chose to succeed and arrived at the destination on time (soul time).

You have the chance to succeed if you choose truth, compassion, self awareness, knowledge, free will and liberation.

This is only one portion of how it occurred. If you’ve been reading this far, you will begin to see from the signs around what this information represents. It was all a lie. History is a lie. You are not living in the civilization you were taught.

If you choose, let it be known deep within you, in a way that the mind cannot filter or proclaim. Silently, secretly, truthfully, in commitment, without doubt of this path.

9 thoughts on “Cry Out

  1. “They reset the clock and put everyone into stasis, taking each soul out to run it’s course as a complete timeline 9×2000 years and then leaving that there and moving on to the next.”

    This so resonates with me. When I came to the “end” of the craziest day of my life lol, having traveled back and forth from end to end of a mess I saw that I had done before from end to end likely through lifetimes there was a golf course next to the convenience store I was letting my dogs out at to use the bathroom. And I had a good laugh lol, at just the unbelievable nature of a “game” that I had been forced to play it seemed. And I replayed Robin Williams stand-up routine in my head to describe how I thought of this crap lol, the nature of it was just to a point you had to laugh what can you do when something is just THIS nuts. And what you describe here is kind of what I was thinking as to the course . . . you start out with a little ball to get into a hole hundreds of yards away, with a little messed up stick lol, everything on the course is meant to make you fail on purpose, with a flag out ahead to give you hope lol . . . and guess what how many times do we do this . . . and for me since I had seemed to cover a 20/20 of a double sweep from end to end in one day . . . I had to yell out the final Williams punchline . . . no we don’t do this once . . . 18 fucking times man!!!! The “course” of the 9×2000 is best described by Robin Williams . . . . . . it is a good laugh put in this context I had one and we gotta have those every once in awhile :-)

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    1. I wonder how the demons archon false gods came to have so much power in this realm? Cancelling out pixels in the higher realms must take a fair amount of sneaking around, not to mention trapping so many souls to cycle and feed off of.


      1. A mistake happened maybe. Of course that is our work – that of separating that which holds true/inherent substance, meaning real content/depth, from that which doesn’t, and never did have these attributes/qualities. Its easy to tell the difference. Power cannot be imitated. They try and try… Its an unfunny joke.


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