The Awakening

Thus every “hell” is of one’s own making. If there is no true Heaven, then there is no true hell. Maybe they were just trying to find what was out there?

That is not how time space works as what is out there is dependent on what you find which is dependent on the reason you are looking in the first place. You can only see what is written in by your highest intent.

Another way to help you understand how beneficial progress was made is to see the possibilities of this system for increasing self awareness and removing fear and ignorance (awakening).

What if someone’s personal ‘future’ ‘hell’ is solidly in their psyche and not going away. What if that “hell” was analyzed through a careful process and recreated virtually? That is what happened and again, this tech is not supposed to be used in the way that has been described with cloning and intellectual interaction except for those who have already seen it.

Those who were in their personal hell, with company, were forced to recognize that their own personal hell is either weak, stupid, not scary, or boring.

Eventually it turns into a joke by the very contrast of the other’s feelings and this breaks the spell of the lost one.

Form a chain, hold hands, look in the direction you want to go, walk to liberation.

One thought on “The Awakening

  1. Well I had a great year of LIBERATION to grow. Single. Alone to give attention to healing. Focus. Unravel and disconnect from system parameters, contracts, living minimum, no meat, focused….Lauda said I was doing good. Not under the control of narcissism after 48 years seeing this for what it was. Then out of nowhere I’m indigted charged and judged before I am able to see what for. Blindsided taken all over again. Thrown out to start again. How can this be when I was in the best place , level of utter awareness to…THIS???? HOW


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