Freemason SRA Survivor Masonic Abuse Whistleblower Karly Franz

Research Donald Marshall and the others

All the secret societies are being exposed.

6 thoughts on “Freemason SRA Survivor Masonic Abuse Whistleblower Karly Franz

  1. survivors of these crimes should not go and tell a policeman, doctor or a teacher or any “authority” figure UNLESS THAT FIGURE IS AN ABSOLUTELY TRUSTED ENSOULED HUMAN. and definately not bother going to the mainstream media. the survivor would be better off going into a cafe and telling everyone in the cafe. At least one person will hear it and understand and then at least the truth of the testimony has been compassionately WITNESSED. we need to accept and share responsibility for these horrors collectively. if people can at least acknowledge that these things are real, actively, so that all survivors will be heard and vindicated. it becomes more and more difficult for the predators to continue with their nonsense.NOW IT ALL COMES OUT IN THE WASH.

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  2. e dunque quando ti rendi conto:che usano il tuo amore contro di te ,o ci provano,usano il parente il figlio contro la tua linea di sangue…la scena nel “miglio verde”,quando lo stupratore intima ad una delle 2 gemelle gridi uccido tua sorella…(e dopo alla sorella)… se chiami aiuto uccido lei davanti a te…


    1. let me know if you find anyone who can help, i did a docu that didn’t even go into this much detail and ive been hounded, stalked my business destroyed doxed, and he attempted to sue me in federal court but the judge dismissed it for showing lack of cause, but it destroyed my credit while i was trying to get a business off the ground. I took down all my social networking accounts, blog, ect.


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