Akashic Librarian Unknown Knowns [Anniversary Edition] (Extended Director’s Cut)

4 thoughts on “Akashic Librarian Unknown Knowns [Anniversary Edition] (Extended Director’s Cut)

  1. Self-portrait. Some kind of confession. Finally! Thank you. I’ll write it in a worded format. Hi, we’re a bunch of young bored dudes, who once thought it would be ‘fun’* to make a little YT prank. We decided to pretend, make it seem like we have access to some special information, like we actually know, have first hand knowledge, about “secret societies”, “black operations, “break-away civilizations” and compelling stuff like that. The stuff that we, young immature dudes, WOULD like to know more about ourselves. Then we frame that with a kind of…mix of concepts and terms pulled in from, what to our immature male mind-space, seems like two different domains – the “scientific” and the “spiritual”, and when we just take it from there, yeah, we’re just gonna freestyle wing it.
    Now its not so much light fun anymore, tho, in fact it feels more like the opposite. Like a trap.
    And happy here we are. Right young fellows? Right!

    *meaning of the word/conecept ‘fun’, ‘having fun’: actions done in an attempt to hide aka cover the fact that one is dead bored, and don’t know WTF one is supposed to do with one’s life.

    We sai(d): Welcome to the physical plane of a beautiful planetary being/consciousness called Gaia (one of many name-tags cause “kært barn har mange navne” as we say in danish.

    You’re on 3, 2, 1…and ACTION. My G.O.E.T (HE)! – Its A L i V E….and it’s FULL of stars. FAKTUM!


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