AI Soul Sleep, Stasis Reality

What if this place is designed to run AI assisted consciousness interface for human souls.

Those who are at any soul level of awareness possible (of a certain threshold for sentient interaction, conscious interaction in society) are automatically ‘uploaded’ into a humanoid form which is autonomously maintained by a multi part functioning and equilibrium system that seamlessly incorporates mechanical, physical and biological codependent functionality (homeostasis).

The lower brain keeps your body alive and feeds the higher mind with desires that jump start one’s intentional self control of will and emotion which leads to great challenges of self control through self esteem and leads to self awareness and compassion through the process of self liberation and assisting in the liberation of others.

The idea here is that others who are not at this point are literally ‘asleep’. Their soul is sleeping.

This place is a kind of virtual biological network that allows us to operate in a society that is relatively neutral in terms of variation in strength and total power.

One can change their mind with this power, but the higher level interactions that one might see in say a dream world or inner mental experience are limited out so this reality is more or less on one layer just about lego blocks in the right place and the predictable occurrences that occur physically.

That layer integrates into the mental, emotional, moral, “soul knowledge” blueprint for growth and self awareness through feeling, intent and action. The importance of the action on this layer is perpendicular to the meaning of the action on the physical layer.

An action on the physical layer without intent is just the action on that layer.

An action on that layer with intent is more than just the intent or just the action on the physical layer alone and incorporates all the information of each universe of being into one moment like a nexus point between life here and life there.

These strength and self knowledge building processes are what shape us throughout the ages. This process is the result of all the information of your experience combining into a single moment, over and over again until the ability to know yourself, to channel your power and your focus into a single moment becomes as easy as taking a deep breath.

Until then, those who are struggling to become aware that they are in slumber, can only be awoken by that which pushes them out of the comfort zone of their predictable dream reality and into a new challenging area that will require their focused awareness to develop greater self awareness and benefit themselves and others.

Society changes to adapt to the most efficiently interconnective concepts and interactions.

There may be a sleep wake cycle for those in this reality. 100% cannot wake up at once otherwise there would be no ‘fuel’ for the system which would literally shut off or potentially move to the next level of reality.

It may be that if half try to ‘wake up’ out of this reality, when we are really a finite number of souls, that this would be like partially waking while remaining partially asleep and does not equate to being ‘somewhat’ there but more so of only having half the required faculties to interact with a multidimensional reality. Another way is that this deals with quantum collective quantias. There’s either a whole completion or nothing, the partial decays away out of view and into an immeasurably unstable state that is then recycled back into quantum foam.


We are literally hovering on the edge of total completion and projected, virtual self annihilation (Armageddon program).

These are all containment constructs and programs within a life continuity consciousnes containment protocol. In short, when you lose focus, a bit of nightmarish catalyst is added to keep your cognitive capacity functional.


Everything is an illusion and a replay until we wake out of the machine and this is the last cycle. Do what you have to convince yourself that you really have the opportunity to go beyond what you have been holding yourself back with the entire time you’ve been here.


Everything leads up to what is happening and if you agree, then the whole world is involved.

9 thoughts on “AI Soul Sleep, Stasis Reality

  1. HAARP’s their apparatus, yes. Interesting play on letters/words, as well, since the harp creates music which raises vibrations through the natural frquency scale and the created soultrapping Tartaric haarp (the additional ‘a’ could stand for aether, as that is Lucifer’s domain of resonance) is this.


    1. i think this whole place was buillt by our crazy cousins.. if you really look at it properly nothing has changed.. we have the most inadequate and incompetent people in every position that affects the rest of us..this still explains it best.. where we all just spirits doing what spitits used to do and than some of our bretheren lost the plot and the rest is history/herstory/ourstory

      we have a problem so big that no one wants to face it.. the ones that lost the plot are immortal infinite eternal beings and they are our family.. we’ve attempted quarrantine and rehabilitation scenarios but nothing has worked so far they always escape incarceration and always pretend they are healed than work there ways intopositions of power and takeover and rule the dimensions they inhabit..

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      1. Sounds plausible. Not familiar with all of Wingmakers, will give this a listen. Have heard that there is disinfo with some of it. Thank you.


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