listen to the whole thing

16 thoughts on “Mia’s New Pair of Glasses, PLASMA, PLASMA, PLASMA!! IT’S ALL RELATED TO ONE THING

  1. So hubby says the #33 is meaningless to him. Just the # on the jersey of a childhood sports hero. Funny Mia wants $333 to become a member of her site. You know even the debunkers need to be debunked. 33 and 333 have appeared numerous times a day for years for me. I know take it as a personal warning. I hope the ice dome does not fall upon me.


  2. I have been following all of this from many angles a long, long time. Mia makes some good points, but my gut says her linguistics and tonality are hypnotic and persuasive, and she dismisses too many other valid factors. It is evident she is dedicated to profit, she and her husband, who she directs everyone to. she is selling her brand of truth and that’s not Good. Her previous uploaded video list shows she has hit all the major talking head ascension points, like so many other channels do, regurgitating with her own spin. Yes, this event Nibiru is cyclical. But all the ancient texts going back over 300,000 years reveal that this upcoming crossing is different. Words of the Most High. I would be spiritually irresponsible and unloving if I did not share these words here. Love to all.

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    1. Yes, I don’t know why Aug is promoting this. It’s a bit extreme. But it reminds me of the novel written by James The Wingmaker author. He called it Sun rot. Most everybody dies. Good book. But why is Aug posting warnings of calamity without comment?

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      1. Like all of us, he’s under strain. He has a great responsibility to others. He may need some rest, too, from what I glean, only from being a reader. I think the main point is the P L A S M A, maybe, and I’d need to reload it and see what is at “the end”, which he said watch to, It’s great you replied. There are so few of us to connect with and I know zero in real life. Thank you, Bob. Aug, we care, and love you. We stand together, and above all, stand.

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    2. Thank you for sharing that we have come in to recall and remember that we are creator beings that forgot ourselves in taking part of the experiment of sleep and forgetting and we are here to remember and in that remembering we create a new outcome not the same over

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