Julian Assange “Intelligent Evil Dust”

These are the nanites. Use the search function.

3 thoughts on “Julian Assange “Intelligent Evil Dust”

  1. Strange wording in a lot of these articles. They upgrade these gps systems and satellites and the upgrades seem to coincide with the “reset” years I’ve heard you hint to. Interesting when you add that to SilkeF, talking about the technology in the sky and oceans. Mentions of an “Architecture Evolution Plan” 🤔 I read in another article.


    1. This dust explains the uptick in npc insanity..the prison planet wardens need humanity in a ignorant base state..those who can see truth can extract their soul from the feeding parasite


  2. Swarmed with this beyond belief in 2007-2009. It is hot in AZ, dumping this made it HOTTER. I felt it in me, around me.


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