The Long Run is the Short Way Entangled

It’s a virus that is printed into the DNA and consciousness of every human who is born in this place.

The truth of cannibalism makes people go insane every time they are exposed. They wait like a pervert and then pull their pants down to show people at the end every time, doing it openly and everyone just submits out of fear and ignorance.

They didn’t just send people back, they sent the entire planet back, each time. Each time, they eliminated whoever was intelligent enough to see what was happening and and upped the mass traumatization with mass projects and exposure to literally traumatize the entire planet at a time.

People naturally became more docile, more lenient about being completely and entirely abused and quite literally slaughtered for no reason other than to stop them from escaping mentally or physically.

Each group sent drones back and advanced tech disguised however that is for another time.

By the ‘time’ this era comes about, people are so ready to submit to illegitimate authority that they literally only listen to bullshit and completely despise anything that shifts the power to themselves because they don’t want to get beaten again by their oppressor, over the years.

Those you are seeing entrenched in the system? They are the natives to this reality, they have zero opportunity or self driven capacity to turn away from the nonsense of their oppressors.

Yes, that is why you are here. TO produce young edible tissues or hormone generation systems that will provide long lasting transdimensional temporal matrix stabilizer secretions that literally function to enable even greater domination of the human species.

That is the reason you exist. Or, it is for something you choose, but nothing else is applicable here unless you can format your consciousness for something other than fear and ignorance (submission).

That is part of the explanation behind the matrix mind control soul stealing system.

Please take time to contact loved ones and see your life for what it is.


The other aspects is that they found the future species that envelops this civilization and made sure to sell everyone they could before hand.

It wasn’t about drugs, unless they’re the living kind. It wasn’t about weapons, unless it’s the kind that steals souls.

They found immortality and sould you all to the devil to keep it for themselves. That’s what it’s about.



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