Red Light Stability

A night mode app, redshift, f.lux, and others warm the color out of the blue spectrum which will rot your brain of the proper neurotransmitter balance and the imbalanced cycle will result in hormonal imbalance which throws off immune and all kinds of signals.

A dark or night theme, made with safe access requirements if you’re using a smart phone (and computer web access for your informational security) can make all the difference, literally, between clutching your head, rubbing your eyes, not being able to sleep easily relatively quickly, waking up more groggy, always as a result of late night screen time and so on.

Dr Kruse explains that there are effects of this that relate to healing and consciousness beyond traditionally understood biology, at least in the way we are taught in that light can influence cells and the ‘life effect’ in degrees we can’t imagine until we’ve seen the effects.

The LED monitors that have 4 or 6 bright LED lights on the sides tend to always produce a glaring effect in the eyes. This is damaging. The IPS gaming monitors can be found for similar or cheaper price, easily, by far and have softer light, no local backlighting and inbuilt night modes (with HP ”, I don’t mention without necessity).

This can be the difference between burning the candle from both ends or making it in time to see the show.

4 thoughts on “Red Light Stability

  1. Reblogged this on The Ascension Diet and commented:
    I have spoken here before of the dangers of #LED #lights, especially the #blue #spectrum. These bands of frequency interrupt our synapses and cause chaos within every cell of our body. We cannot make melatonin, which we require for sleep. Blue light – especially in the 60 gigahertz range of monitors – causes anxiety, anger, and reduces our entire frequency: mind, body, organ… US. It is a weapon they have created to turn us into non-sentient, animalistic entities who are programmed to stay in trauma mode.
    Having an #infrared #light in your presence helps this.

    Aug Tellez has reached out imploring others to learn this, and I am re-blogging. Due to the death of my daughter-in-law, I am a focused on things other than blogging right now. As soon as I am able, I will post more on this, with links to sites. Please ask any questions you have in comments. Love and Blessings, Laura


      1. I was told by a doctor that in a certain MNC manufacturing plant; wherein people were found to have a great UV exposure; even though they sit indoor and work on computer. The interpretation is that LED lights have higher UV radiation then desired.

        Does anyone aware of this? I find something strange when at night I am looking at an LED light… as if it has a rainbow spreading the light but it doesn’t have all colors of rainbow!


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