This world is painted on the inside of the tomb. It won’t update after a certain point. Either people wake up or stay.

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  1. The solution, THE solution, is called Co-Creation. Mutuality. This requires receptiveness. A willingness to open up and invite in change, and this again requires a leap of faith. What is left when all belief-systems are gone? Trust. Or call it hope if the word ‘trust’ triggers you. Trust in the good in man. Trust in mans innate ability to change, to grow. You write “respect the most high.” What is this to you?

    “But it was tempered with reminders of the need for mutuality , for interdependence.”

    No More Mr. Eloquent

    Simon Schama

    January 20, 2009


  2. I’m still trying to come to terms with this one. it is the hardest pill for me to swallow.
    it is wrong on so many levels.

    tomb raiders will be needed and called in.
    At least, I can imagine that as a possibility.

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      1. The point being, is that I am a tomb raider.

        When we look into space, we are looking at the ‘universal’ design, which is mapped fully in the form of mankind. it is asked which came first, the chicken or the egg. It is or should be obvious that the Image came first. The chicken came first. The cube came first, then the universe and all contained therein.

        Nothing we see is real. Nothing we can imagine is actually what it is outside the box. The box [or cube] contains all that is in the Universe.

        I’ll ask a rhetorical question:
        What if in this cube, there was never anything known as a dog?

        What if dog is an animal that was never known?
        It never existed in the cube [Universe], yet it is outside the Universe and no man/person/ would even know what to call it or think of it when it is ‘experienced’ for the very first time?

        We are only programmed to know what is in the Universe. we are only programmed to kn ow what is in our world, and in us. That is all we will ever know, while in this ‘realm’, this programmed existence. It is not in our program to know what a dog is or what a dog does or feels like, etc.

        So when i read or see or hear others state what it is outside this ‘realm’, I have to chuckle.

        Tomb raiders come from outside the cube.

        I have been told to leave this blog alone because of reasons I will keep to myself.

        I wish not to leave a false impression.

        To Aug I will say,
        “As you were.”


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