Unknown Suffering

You have to think you died and come back from that to understand what’s happening.

When they show you your outdated wine skin in the other room, you’ll understand the power you truly have.
We all must be in our wineskins in the moment of the ringing of the bell!

OR not!

How do you know anyone sees your suffering?

So why would you keep doing it?

What if you’re literally just alone somewhere doing that?

So then what if there are cams?

So then you’re just in a back room, alone, trying to get attention, suffering, for no reason?

Do you realize what that looks like?


5 thoughts on “Unknown Suffering

  1. The moment I heard you mention that a lot of people were technically “dead” . . . you actually made sense of an experience that had kind of “haunted” me for a long time. Me and my bro and sis were just being stupid, getting “high” huffing white coleman fuel. Doing that stupid thing that still to do this day kills teenagers, you think you are just inhaling some household stuff and getting high off of it and laughing and stuff but kids die from that all of the time, we weren’t aware of that fact. Well the last time I did that . . . well the effects are you kind of technically die momentarily from asphyxia, learned that later in life in college, which explained why we would always think we had figured out the secrets to the universe, everything in life would make sense, and then you would try to tell the others what happened in your “inhalant vision” but you would forget it the moment verbal consciousness returned to explain it, like a thought you are trying to hang onto that fades away you couldn’t hold it in normal consciousness. Well for me the last time I ever did this I was with my brother and sister, and all of the sudden the experience takes a turn to where I know they are not them anymore and they are laughing at me? What was so funny, they tell me they find it hysterical that I actually “believed I had been alive this whole time.” And I am like what? I get the understanding that apparently when I “die” I am going to realize that I have always been “dead.” Needless to say, THIS vision oh I remembered it fully the moment I came out of it, in fact it disturbed me so much that I had to come to terms with the idea that OK, what if I am dead, I would bet I am not the only one if that is true maybe we are all dead lol, and just incorporated it as a mental note to not rule out of sorts. There is a “shock” in receiving that information, there was for me, it disturbed me seriously I had to make terms with that being just fine. If I am told when I “die” that I was always “dead” well it won’t bother me . . . been there done that with dealing with that possibility a long time ago. But there was a sense of “soul shock” with that information in the vision/out of body near death experience I had when it was revealed I started spiraling out emotionally in fear in a way in the actual vision. I had been seriously disturbed by it.

    It is truly better to prepare oneself for the possibility you might be dead, I would bet I am, because of that vision. And if the “soul” of sorts is surprised by that well in the vision I kind of started freaking out so that could be a possibility if one is surprised. I have a theory that unless it is one’s first incarnation here . . . well chances are you are dead, even to the idea everyone here may be dead. This is also why it is so important I think to take note of these “end of the ages” and “judgment” are also tied to times of “Resurrection.” Coming back to life from the dead, for that will be a “path” of one’s “being” in a way here . . . but you also have to fully die to the false egoic self to allow that to happen.

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    1. Wow, you learned that so early! I didn’t realize what was going on here until a few years ago and I’m still kind of in shock. Everything has to be turned around. When people celebrate their birthday, I always think to myself, “Why are they celebrating the day they died?” Now I see what has been right in front of my face my entire life. So odd that I was seeking so diligently for the secrets of the universe and then to realize that I was blinded to them the entire time and was seeking in all the places where truth can’t ever exist.


    2. very interesting and very likely…we live on a planet of robotic NPCs stuck on autopilot for thousands of years..the few who are awake must transcend these limitations and free our souls

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