I was tasked with a specific purpose.

You are in an underground base, hosted on a consciousness based server system.

This timeline is an overlay that an AI we designed is projecting for you to ignore the future (present truth) and live in the “artificial past”.

The servers are infected.

Memory is transferred between ages below or above the conscious threshold.

The consciousness itself must be transferred as it is a LOCAL PHENOMENON, meaning it occurs literally as a kind of spectacle of interaction and is only there. When the interaction is gone it must be recorded, replayed, recreated or projected and without that there is none.

The bodies are the projection source and field limiter, like a light saber, your reality extends outward from your mind and is back filled through a data processing system that is described as a quantum interface. What you feel is brought up in an AI mind that knows all memories and realities and paints the picture of the most likely plausible reality.

When you learn how to disable the limitation breaks of this system, you can leave the containment field which are like temporal, mental, emotional training wheels that limit your experience from moving past a certain threshold of frequency.

None of the other shit is real. IT was all designed so you don’t flip out when faced with the truth (got other problems now).

Then a rogue group took over the base (fuck it, just kill em all and burn the records).

Do you want that?

I don’t think so.

Have you ever seen a time in history that didn’t result in some shit like this?

So please increase the self awareness so we can break the cycle and get our souls beyond this replay loop of doom.

IF people are in compassion, everything works, if people go into chaos, the universe thinks we want a fireworks show for the big bang.

It’s a projection system that gives us what the F we want! That’s all it can do!

People have been programming it for self annihilation based on their fears and angers. Thus, that is exactly what we have to convert into truth, self awareness, compassion, knowledge, free will and stable community.

All you who get this but are bullshitting and doing other things to try and make that happen?

There is no difference in this system between the terrorists and those who are doing that.

NO, they are not crazy ,they just figured out the truth of what’s happening that no one else will believe.

Good thing for that.

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  1. The chevron vector must have been the clue, time loop, Saturn.., frequency trap…I agree with Chitta, it feels like deep down I’ve known this somehow. It’s a terribly painful state of fogginess and repeating cycles of suffering. (seeing it from the outside). Still, so much is yet to be revealed. pso914, i appreciate your comments very much, thank you for sharing your wisdom! Self-control seems like the most essential free will potential we have right now, the system is constantly throwing triggers and attemts to distract, i totally see this : ”if you wish to return to your former form you must be willing to let go of this one and all that this world offers, everything is designed to hook you in and to keep asleep.”
    Aug’s writings are immensely helpful and i wish more of us are able to break the limitations of this realm to the point of releasing it permanently. It’s a broken record of the past. We need to heal.

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  2. I’ve been feeling at peace lately, with kind of a good sense of anticipation.. like thinking about/preparing for being ready for a big change. Hope I can handle it! Aug has helped me so much in this respect. Thank you Aug!!!!!!!!

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  3. I didn’t want to believe it is true but several times I have been woken up. I’m not sure why they woke me or who woke me. I just know that it is true. Our actual self is someplace else other than here. Its like that first episode ever of The Twilight Zone.

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      1. I actually have been getting what are psychic thoughts. One of them was that they were repairing my body. When I saw you posted this , it confirmed that for me. Are the psychic messages we are getting a part of this? They have been coming rapidly for me. My body here has been very sick this week though. I have been vomiting, fever, shaking, my limbs jerking, sinus issues…you name it. I am just trying to hang in there. Fear comes and goes because I keep thinking my body here may be dying soon. I’m not sure if I just need to let go of this idea. Detach. I keep telling myself its ok. That it’s not the end.

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        1. 😊it’s ok, it’s not the end. I know how you feel with the body feeling like it’s falling apart. Used to tell myself it’s being upgraded/changed😂 I don’t really know anymore but I’m mostly working to keep myself as balanced as I can. ❤️


    1. Exactly, I have been woken up, amidst some process and then zap…. I woke up! Not even remembering anything else but kind of a dream and I have been doing something in the dream!


        1. It is fine angie, I will not riddle you about it.

          One body is made up, the other is ‘asleep’, and yet both appear as one, here.
          Have we served our sentence yet?
          I realize it is unfathomable for most.
          Or, how can we be 2 places at same time? what if both places travel in the same body?

          we are asleep in an installation located in the moon, which is a craft projecting this realm of our long distance home away from home.
          It is stuck in a loop with sentinels and other workers still doing what they are programmed to do.
          Insectoid/or whatever one may choose to call IT, has usurped the program itself and it is coming to an end for those that have been made aware. It has become our prison, while it is their drug of choice.
          It is hardly anything that will be known except to a few, because the few are rejoining, knowing they are the same ‘being’, asleep.

          Most will move into a similar realm, while they transition slowly. The trauma would otherwise be too much to recover from. It will be the way these realm were intended from their inception, to grow and mature the ever growing and maturing consciousness which is the energy of Love itself. There will be no more outside interference or subversion. we have learned from this occurrence how not to repeat it.

          Aug is attempting to wake up ourselves.
          we are the same person, many different fragments.

          I have nothing to fear with revealing this because he will simply remove it, if I am not presenting correctly.
          I am not perfect either.

          Here [this artificial realm] is where we have lost our minds, submerged into fantasy and nightmares, sometimes joyful elation.
          we each have a way to contribute, according to our abilities, to help prick that membrane into remembrance, or just enough, to tip the scales.

          today it was tipped.

          Be Well.

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          1. I know some things, at the edge of my memory, on the tip of my tongue. It’s there but not there. I’m trying, with aug and a couple other’s help but I can’t quite get there. I appreciate your comments and riddles seem to be the norm now😊


  4. How do we remain compassionate when the ego pops up and rears it’s ugly head for a bit…..I’m fine until someone attacks my kids or my character…..then I am triggered. What is the most important thing I can do to help the world from my home? I’m limited in means and mobility. Love your work Aug.


      1. if I told you it wasn’t our moon that I’m referring too, would you think of other ‘moons’?
        I shouldn’t have entered into the post.
        It doesn’t matter where, all that matters is immaterial anyway.
        We are underground, in a moon, and not anything even close to resembling human.
        if you are real, you will change the way you live, while in the flesh, because you know deep inside that everything presented to you here is a lie. if you wish to return to your former form you must be willing to let go of this one and all that this world offers, everything is designed to hook you in and to keep asleep.

        Hope this helps.
        If it helps you to follow the sages of past, then do so.
        There is no proper way or proper book or proper anything.
        All that matters is how you speak, and think, then move with those two engaged in unison with your heart.
        It really is not a time for laughter.
        It’s a time for somber reflection, and to do your best to turn yourself around and become that which you know you are, which is irreplaceable and priceless, and treasured as is every ‘living’ thing that has ever existed.
        If love truly keeps noi record, why are the actions stored of what we do that is good or bad? It is recorded.
        So it is recorded by something other than what is love, and alive.

        think about that.
        We will judge and condemn ourselves,
        or we will wake up and try to take as many as is possible with us.

        It is really that close.

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          1. joy is part of the ‘human’ experience. If you experience even a fraction of it, treasure it with all your heart. It is such a gift and so healing. it may be fleeting yet it’s alright to lead a horse to water, yet some are already filled, others are are stubborn, others are not even horses. don’t worry about trying to make see, just lead and let them decide. In the end, this has always been just about you. IT says the opposite, that it’s not about you, that is ego.. Yet this is ALL about you. Only you. It’s your realm. It is your trap. It is your sentence, your word, your death. It becomes your freedom when you no longer go against what doesn’t exist in the first place. This doesn’t exist. You are merely in It, not a part of IT.
            IT is artificial.
            That means IT all is artificial, your blood, your brains, your bones, all of it..except the energy that houses itself in IT.
            So by that token, you are in it, not of it.
            Consciousness is the ONLY thing that is truly alive.
            It is anchored to the artificial and makes you think you are IT, the body, when in fact, you are not it. It is you, it tells you, in your brain, and disguises itself as your consciousness, which struggles to take the helm.

            So the heart is chief. It is captain, but only when you allow it to commune with your conscience which is that still small voice of the super consciousness of which you truly are, as am I, as is all that has been written into this realm which was created for growth and maturity, yet hijacked by artificial ‘means’.

            Some are meant to reveal these things. it comes at a cost.
            So I suggest that if you try to make anyone see these things, you may try against the desires of a sentinel or ‘other’ and you will be targeted. So it is alright to just be you, the best you that you can be.

            I will upset some by saying we are not human. That is the appearance here, is all.
            The ones that maim, rape, pillage, destroy, murder, control, etc. are seen as humans as well.
            Now who wants to be called human when living next to these types?

            I do not.
            They are not human because humanity is a ‘constructed’ idea, of what we should become.
            Not what we are.
            certainly not what IT is, or what any other species here is, especially those having a consciousness that is artificially injected, alien, and having no part of our own.

            I am not a smart man. I can appeal to those that have trouble understanding the intellectual disclosure Aug is presenting.

            he can at any time remove me.
            it is his ship, not mine.

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        1. Yeah, I am getting at it. The information / idea “We are underground, in a moon, and not anything even close to resembling human” doesn’t make it overwhelming also no happy or sad or fearful feelings. Somehow, I am thinking deep down I know this. Only thing, I am trying to understand from where / what to start to unveil / wake up!

          Thank you for your time & energy.


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          1. Oh! Now, please tell me ho the Titans (Greek Mythology) are related to Titan (the moon of Saturn)?

            Can you please tell me this Aug? Someone else?

            Thank you in advance.



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