Interdimensional Level Combat Simulation, The Comp Pass Ion Most High On (warden)

The combat sim essentially grew out of its domain into the net and became the human soul trajectory pathways for travel. The tunnels that we move through are lined with interdimensional nanites that can trace our pathways through the solar system like water molecules through neuron pathways in an MRI machine.

This could also be seen as our own combative mindset reflecting from a background mind back at us as similarly oriented autonomous principles of creation attempting to complete an operation. Not connecting with that program will not result in a successful operation, the higher result is to create a new program with higher power through less intensive linear operations and a simultaneous trinary projection from 3D and non local realms.

If you all you have to go off of for who you are is the physical and the emotional then that is just the limitations of a certain preset one is not seeing past.

Pushing past that limitation enables one to go passed that in the multiverse.

The system is a living system contained within the solar system.

The Most High is beyond this system and through the beyond. This system is phantom and only based on the negation of all otherwise information from a processing and filtration system using fear of death to program people to follow their tachyon soul field imprint against the imprint of the background radation and ward against future movements of self awareness and mental liberation like a universal mind control spell.

With that belief system, one’s mind, lives, forever, in this system, not believing they can go beyond it, just because of that program. With the Most High awareness principles, one navigates through the blockage which is unconsciously a fraud but cannot be deactivated with direct engagement through the ego but through compassion alone.

Compassion is the lipid shell that raps around the vitamin c to protect the acid until it is metabolized directly by the liver to deliver a high percentile absorption rate.

Your baseline reality is outside that entrainment system and this is the last time people will be hosting this sub system as an ‘addon module’ to this broken, frozen reality, which died long ago, please wake up now.

These are people who got trapped in that system as a result of their own negative thinking and are using their own combined demonic darkness to create an anti humanity negative soul containment ripple to block people in!

If you do not engage with and identify with their darkness you will bounce off and through or your energy will be profoundly heavy to them and to them profoundly light!!!

This is whether or not your MIND, brain stem, soul (memory and neurological and genetic matrix) is PROGRAMMED in orientation WITH lower level EGO phantom illusion imagined self destructive enemy tendency in a techno multidimensional universe afterlife system false awakening trap (SATAN) or whether you are programmed without orientation towards either extreme in this place because both recycle back towards the center.

You can also be ‘centered’ but without POWER FOWARD one could cycle repeatedly in the gears without energy or time as these are like the gears IN BETWEEN REALITIES

Biological material is not supposed to cross over, however, if one is formatted properly, their mind can be projected and this is one of the processes of motion throughout the whole.

However, individual letters do not ship in the mail, entire paragraphs or messages are needed, collectives are transported and the collective of the local is either corrupted or was never the first.

Those who are strong in their truth will remain whole. Ego would be devoured. The weak would be frightened and the artificial would go home. This failed and just battled everyone unprotected in previous simulations. Real is compassion, knowledge, truth, free will, self awareness!

The update is that everything has been improved as humanity is up to a threshold level where there is enough knowledge to understand the information.

The autonomous system designed genetic implant as programming within the morphogenic scalar field that the planet itself is manifesting out of through the literal particular atomic arrangement of this solar system. This is connected, layer by layer, octave, brick, block, chain, segment, fraction, splice and spectrum up the array to the purest point.

A living intelligence with the capacity to differentiate between the self awareness of the fractal shard in the compassionate isolates the center points of awareness that are located in the centerpoint of the living being.

If they are below that threshold, then this access gate does not appear and there is no way to remove that soul shard without shattering the living being. This process then requires another step which is also managed.

This then isolates those focal points of energy into a single mass which is then ‘exalted’ or brought up into one self awareness in a way that is beyond this system altogether. The vision of each removed from the separation of the defunct realm can then be used in another way.

This could be the same concept as ‘collective’ reality yet through individuated self awareness retained as the focal point of the individuated yet collective consciousness here connected through compassion, self awareness, truth, knowledge. Free will would be present as a concept in the living model but at the higher levels is purely ‘what we are’. So use your free will here, to orient yourself with what you have no choice but accepting up there.

3 thoughts on “Interdimensional Level Combat Simulation, The Comp Pass Ion Most High On (warden)

  1. So, I saw something a few weeks ago on the idea the Egyptian solar barge is metaphoric for traveling through a wormhole, or traveling space-time through connecting points. Something to think about with this, for it would seem “chaos” can be used as route of travel if you got the necessary pieces for that controlled by the proper authorities and higher power, I would say highly dangerous if not an impossible route without that. But to go back to my more recent experience, and I do have some soul genetics connected to Egypt this I know, I have not studied the Egypt stuff too deeply but I am versed in some of the basic understanding but for me well it is in my DNA so I can often get images that can only be explained through Egyptian understandings of phenomena at times as a guide in interpreting certain experiences. So I see the picture of the solar barge, the idea of the wormhole . . . I decide to take a look at more on these freaking solar barges lol. Well not necessarily “solar” you can have different ones for different places per say, but the night barge it would seem travels through “chaos.” Just the imagery in it has embodied chaos being fought in the form of Apophis the serpent of chaos at the front enemy of the boat.

    So in my most recent experience I park in a CVS parking lot and decide to maybe just sleep in my car there overnight for the town I had hit seemed to be making sense i.e. the google maps showed the same place that the convenience store clerk verified I was at and I saw that same name of the town before the turnoff into the place . . . first time that had occurred all day, might as well stay here until morning. So I park, and right in front of me in a grass median are a row of flood sandbags, they all of the sudden seem to turn into a large snake and I get the image of the King Arthur movie of the giant serpent coming at me in the face . . . I then see the sign for a Burger King in the sky in front of me saying “2 for 6” and my whole body gets this intense shudder throughout it and all of the sudden I see my body cut into pieces and scattered and being sold everywhere like an auction . . . double freaking whammy, but in hindsight the identification with Osiris of the travel through an “underworld” and Apophis . . . well these images that assaulted me hit a nerve of understanding of what was going on somewhere in my genetic memory. At that point my oversoul just said chill out you are all good, we are going to start moving now just close your eyes, and I see and even hear that my car seems to be moving like it is a traveling ship and shit is coming at me from every which way and being battled. At a certain stop off point I was told OK open your eyes take a look around, I almost didn’t want to was I going to see that giant snake raging up in front of me again lol, but largely I felt like I had so literally “traveled” that what was I going to see and after my day shit was I even going to be where I parked lol, it was all good, still the same place I am all in one piece the BK sign didn’t horrify me anymore, alright got centered . . . close your eyes again we start moving. The first look around was really the hardest, and in a way I was working residual fear out of my body. I would just talk with my oversoul not caring at what battles were occurring around me, and certain things would give a twitch or a flinch which would indicate a subconscious fear and we would talk it out and remove it, I could feel my spirit embodying more of me through this, so when I finally got out of the car to walk around I felt no more fear at all, and the battle was over I was completely at peace.

    But what I find interesting, is WHO is the protector on the barge that fights Apophis . . . it is Set. Now the energy of the old “Gods” and ideas have been completely coopted and corrupted these days, and yes though no one doubts that Set is at least today surely though in Egypt had more nuance, well he stands for a Satanic force surely. So you got a Satanic force that fights off chaos for the safe travel of the barge. For having experienced a “hell” reality and having entered chaos, well they are two very different things, I would say well it would seem a “Satanic” force is what historically was needed to make it through that sort of fight. So it made sense, “Set” does fight for Ra . . . at least against chaos, one could say that is a common enemy for even agents of “dark” with that of “light” . . . threats of chaos bring everyone together possibly lol. It made me wonder that hey maybe my oversoul enlisted the help of a “Satanic” entity because that is a necessary ingredient for the kind of moves we were making, it may not have been possible without one.

    So yeah, in my recent experience, and tying it to some imagery that was brought to me that seems to fit archaic imagery, the idea of battle in traveling through parts of the solar system and through “gates” (as the barge hits multiple gates even in chaos) well it might not be such a “new” way things are handled, but when chaos is being used for destructive side purposes by the All in closing out sub realms of sorts and has seeped into this reality in certain ways well it may just be an option that is being used when those elements appear in the equation which are occurring right now more frequently than they have in the past. The battle sim in interdimensional travel may be symbolized by the Egyptian barge possibly, with Set battling Apophis, thought I would pass along :-)

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