Well Rounded Shard

The shard that was used as a seed for this sector was broken off improperly and resulted in a below thresshold fractal. The ‘omnimind’ was not ‘aware’ of this reality until far after it was populated.

Different sub systems developed as a result, these are artificial, local.

3 thoughts on “Well Rounded Shard

  1. Doctor Who: Shada

    The story revolves around the planet Shada, on which the Time Lords have constructed a high security prison for some of the Universe’s most dangerous criminals. Skagra, a flawed genius from the planet Dronoid, wishes to create a “Universal Mind” in which all the pooled knowledge of the universe’s greatest criminals would be placed at his disposal and with which he intends to take control of the Universe. Skagra wants to go to Shada to extract the knowledge of the criminals who have been imprisoned there. Unfortunately for Skagra, knowledge of the location of Shada has been deliberately hidden by the Time Lords, but Skagra discovers that there is a Time Lord living on Earth in the twentieth century who may hold the key to its location. This Time Lord is masquerading as a professor at St. Cedd’s College, Cambridge and calling himself Professor Chronotis. Sensing danger, Chronotis calls for the assistance of his old friend and protégé, the Doctor. The story climaxes in a battle for

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  2. Do you think this is could be related to what you mentioned earlier about the hijacking of the feed from the CENTER? I ask because when I went through an experience almost 2 years ago I was in a center field in a way where people were experiencing seasonal polarities some experiencing winter while it was summer, gravity abnormalities etc. I literally moved across the country in the days after this and left that location. Now won’t get into all of the details of what I “saw” there as possibly happening to me in that center place, I was experiencing them as seeing what had been “planned” for me so to speak that had been thwarted, some messed up stuff. Well part of my most recent experience was having to “take care” of what had been created there, and a false me had been living there the old location being part of this even, basically being raped continually but well I don’t know by what but not “human” it was more of a raping of the essence but there was a perverseness to the whole thing and was obviously trauma creating for any being that would have to experience that. But it was a “fake” me, it needed to be destroyed but I had to have knowledge of that, release that and so forth possibly. So I looked around online for Eve/Sophia connections because in fact well there were elements of this experience that brought those images to mind, and well I have never really delved too deep into gnostic studies but I assumed there is some sort of connection there likely and what past seers had to say about this. I found an interesting gnostic mythology on Eve I was never aware of, in that a bunch of “archons” come to rape her, and instead she is able to create an “image” of herself for them to rape while she goes and hides in a tree. She in essence creates a fake double to be raped so she avoids that fate herself. I was shocked because well . . . in a way apparently I had done the same somehow or I had the experience of seeing that in my own experience before I read that, and it would appear that was done through this “center” field somehow. This sub-reality of the “fake me” is what needed destruction, but of course what was in mine was only a piece of other atrocities. I want to pose the idea . . . is it really a seed? Kind of like what you said earlier, in seeing things of sorts that have/could have happened to me, my eyes were open to a lot of “horror” but largely more in the ways language is being used for nefarious purposes that was a large part of it, but could it be we have to “see” that, but if you see it the computer starts creating the reality for it by default. I saw the “future” of of what was coming for me there knowing it wasn’t going to happen, and had to go back there to see its after effects in a way on a fake me it did actually happen, but there was a strange relief in knowing that was NOT ME. In many ways, for the “person” I had become was unrecognizable, and a mirror of the rapists, so really it was almost used in a way to mirror something back to itself. The “rapists” wanted to place that on me, in fact the accusations were endless in a way, a cycle of their actions justified because I deserved it almost weird stuff. And this gets strange . . . for towards the end of this I am driving in my car, in chaos trying to find ground to stick here of sorts, and I see the “image” of the face that is me that is “not me” or the projected very damaged “me” . . . and something from inside my car starts flashing, like a photograph flash. My face was somber, the other “me’s” face well let’s just say it was in manic hysteria it was mad and drunk of the senses and the idea came to me that this was evidence being gathered for “proof” in an accusation sort of court!! Shit you not!!! So if you have two identical “me’s” and they get overlaid on each other and share the same space . . . how do you determine who is who? It was almost like taking photographic evidence of the facial expressions, which one aligns with the soul/mind and which one doesn’t? I don’t know, I mean something to the side of my steering wheel at night all of the sudden starts flashing at you nonstop in repeated bursts out of nowhere that was the thought that came to mind . . . proof of the “real me” as to who could “pass through” out of the chaos and the fake that was destroyed . . . the fake literally being a projection of something else to itself through a fake me so in the end it was proof of the projection to that projector largely . . . this is what “you” saw . . . here was the “truth” of “me.” I don’t know just some thoughts, but the idea that somehow the shard may not even be a “real” shard in the normal sense of how we view those I thought I would put out there :-)

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    1. To remember experiencing something like this and then be able to articulate it in this language is remarkable! Sounds like a crazy ride, for sure!


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