Self fractured divergent realities separated in time can be recursively self referentially ‘sealed’ in a way that they do not continue fracturing.

Visualization leads to events and results as that is what they are. So whatever you visualize is real, and really here, depending on the focus and direction of the mind.

To visualize this, well, don’t visualize this unless you will be sure to acknowledge the healing pattern.

A shattered mirror breaks into shards that cannot be remade whole.

Your consciousness can be like shards or like something more rounded. If your consciousness can be made, from your many fractal shards, into little round balls, they could join together into one large whole!

If your mind is not an object then it is your processing and formatting that must be rendered in a self referential fractal equalized format!

If your fractal has no beginning or end your mind has no completion and the process will be like a program that never solves what’s it’s intending to do!

You have to pick, choose, create, write, live a plan larger than where you are now and achieve!

Your chemical composition is like the light of the night constellations delivering you into the transport channel of the spine that is present in multiple, multiple world realities.

The ‘matrix’ is a reality structure created out of a divergence of lost souls of one species created out of the separation and recombinaton of multiple different species.

Until this mainframe is chosen in one direction or another, these timespace frames will be in a ‘frozen’ image whereby they cannot be overwritten and no continuity data can be effectively recycled without destroying the originals.

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  1. Here’s a hint. They’re not watching you…you’re already in their slave system being here. They’re watching and waiting for those that aren’t part of the system. Those that might incarnate from higher levels. The mark of the beast is what happens when you give in and lose your Will to the “beast”. They will then for all intents and purposes become fallen and a part of the system.


    1. 12:10 in the video two chinese girls named Lulu and Nana…they’re not hiding themselves anymore. Wake up.

      Ea told Ningishzidda that they should create a Lulu, a primitive worker, to do the miners’ job. These beings already existed, and all they had to do was to mix their genes with theirs, “like two serpents entwined” (double helix DNA), and they would have the perfect hybrids to do the job! That way, the Anunnaki workers in the Abuzu (Africa) could be relieved once and for all[16].


  2. Just like with the fall of Atlantis…all this craziness became commonplace and accepted. Look at how Manchelle’s weiner swings to and fro after it adjusts it lol we all need a good laugh now and again except Joan Rivers who died right after saying Michelle Obama is a tranny:


  3. If you wanted to know Who I Am…I am a projection of EnLil Michael. This is why in the beginning of my incarnation here they allowed me to see many things and offered to take me into the fold. The truth is that the ones that come are going to do the right thing and pull the plug now on this suffering here. One way or another. True Light Beings go home…the rest of the false light decorations go down with the ship. This describes how I feel very well:

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    1. You asked me last night what books are great to read for more depth to the game here. I highly regard the “Where were you before the tree of life?” Series of Books by Peter Farley. Very well written and has lots of great information and truths in it even though it still mixes falsehoods.

      Here’s another one of his books from the series:

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  4. (This is what the “ruling elite” wanted. They mixed the different people and these people weren’t ready as they have different ideologies. This will slowly be leading to an all out war as the European and North American countries are now flooded with people who don’t and will never share the same beliefs as the ones already living there. It’s all a game.)

    Take care Adam the UK has become quite dangerous.

    Three people, including a police officer, have been stabbed at Manchester Victoria Station in a horrifying attack on New Year’s Eve.

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    1. Also, the Frankfurt School Agenda elite jewish agenda, even though a lot of low level jews are victims dupes like the rest of us. I suppose I should be thinking of the 3 Abrahamic religions. But why oh why do I focus in on the Talmud and Jews Is Ra Hell.

      The race mixing multicukturalism Barbara Lerner Spectre, and Tavistock Kurt Lewin London, Koudenherve Kalergi Plan, Is disgusting, plans to destroy Europe genocide the white race. , But it becomes even more disgusting, To realise, That a large swathe of these ”immigrants” with low IQ are likely hybrid animals humans or total clones synths animal DNA but looking just enough humanoid, to pass, And anyone who objects is dubbed racist

      its clear to me whats going on.


      1. They’re still human base but different progenitors and different dna mixing. Of the original beings that started messing around with the human shells see worked on one set of beings some worked on others hence the diversity. Inside it can be the same soul in any race but outside it looks different or thinks different. It’s by design for more suffering and to feed on that suffering. I think it was Stewart swerdlow who said a dozen or so different alien races gave their dna to mix to make humans as they are. Of course I go by what Wes Penre and others know and that’s the Anunnaki actually lowered humanity and made them weaker not made them better. This is why DNA/Royalty of the “gods” is so important here…but neither the Anunnaki nor the Draco are royalty.

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        1. Rather than seeing humans as black white brown Asian or East Indian or Red it’s easier to learn to discern who’s a clone who’s a hybrid who’s an overshadowed and possessed being and which ones are synthoid robotoid cyborg like beings. As the divine feminine has been hijacked here and inverted to a dominant masculine male God it then set up the females as helpless but now it has inverted that helplessness by giving women too many unquestionable laws and always punishing men no matter what. Look at anything to do with divorce or “abuse” etc the females can now exploit this to no end. As Amitakh said in one of her writings this is by design because the ones incarnating from the demiurges camp are going into majority female shells. Now you have “crazy” Liberal and Pussyhat and Open borders and other crap with no “consequences”. The two girls went to Morocco thinking there’s no violence and all people are one and misunderstood and they had their heads brutally cut off.

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          1. Well said, that feels very right on to me. And is clear to see when looking around, Sweden being perhaps the most tragic example followed by Germany Things inverted, Frankfurt School feminism and much more. These Annunaki really need to be taken to task and kicked out. They are a real scourge. The two Scandinavian girls in Morocco, which is upsetting at the stupidity of them to go hiking exploring there 2 girls alone.
            I think this could have other psyop elements to it but cant work out the angles. Its just the two girls look very similar, identical, unless this blog hasn’t done its photo research properly.


      2. The Jews (Read the Jewish branch about the Hoovids by Peter Farley):

        .Peter Farley

        Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?

        Abraham later received the blessing of the (non-Jewish) priest-king of Salem, Melchezedek, once
        known as Shem, the son of Noah. Some say Melchizedek was a spiritual master, but in fact he was the
        second incarnation of Lucifer on Earth, head of the priesthood of Lucifer, and a Being who we shall see later
        is still worshipped by many of the Dark Forces upon the planet today.
        At Chartres Cathedral in France, the statue of Melchizedek, priest-king of Salem, depicts him with a cup
        containing a stone in representation of the bread and wine which he evidently offered to Abraham (Genesis
        14:18) as an initiation and bestowing of Lucifer’s power. The wine symbolized the sacred Star Fire, the bread
        is held within the cup—the shewbread, the white powder derived from gold.
        As far back as 2180 BC, the pharaohs were using the schefa-food to enhance their pineal activity and
        thereby to heighten their perception, awareness and intuition—but only the metallurgical adepts of the
        mystery schools (the Master Craftsmen) knew the secret of its manufacture. (Despite cries of ‘the Age of
        Enlightenment’, it is not improbable that the connection between Lucifer as Melchezedek stretches even into
        the witch trials that happened at New Salem in Massachusetts in 1692). The connection between the terms
        ‘priest-king’, ‘King-priest’, and ‘sorcerer-king’ here are also evident, and this should be a red flag whenever
        these two words are uttered in the same breath. In that incarnation, as long as it was for Melchezedik/Lucifer,
        Enjliou and Callia were not around him.
        Because Sara, his wife, was barren, Abraham had a son by her Egyptian servant, Hagar. This mating
        produced, Ishmael. In a dispute, Hagar and Ishmael are sent into the desert but are protected so that
        eventually Ishmael can become the father of a nation as well, the Arabs. There are thus 188 references to
        Abraham in the Qu’ran/Koran.

        As the Ugaritic texts explain, Baal’s major epithets reflect not only his prominent position among the
        gods achieved as a result of conflict, but especially his ‘fertility-bestowing powers, a feat at which his
        counterpart, Yahweh, also seems to be particularly good. At age 90, Sara gives birth to Isaac as promised a
        year earlier by Yahweh. Yahweh then becomes known as the God of Abraham, and the judge of all nations
        and peoples. Yahweh was supposed to be just, wise, righteous, merciful and good—a characterization that
        doesn’t really fit the god we see in the Old Testament that lays to waste all the opponents of Israel, tens of
        thousands of people in a single battlefield so that his ‘chosen people’ can have their land. He is the god, too,
        who allows his servant Abraham to marry off his wife to the Pharaoh and then blames the Pharaoh by
        sending plagues upon him; who asks Abraham to sacrifice his child as a test; who ruins the life of his most
        faithful servant, Job, as a dare. None of this sounds like a god of Love and Light, but indeed more like a god
        of darkness and retribution, a god of power instead of love, a god of judgement instead of Love.
        When Abraham promoted the Mesopotamian tradition in Canaan he was said to have gained access to
        a uniquely inscribed tablet of ideograms (symbols of concept without nominal expression, as in some
        Chinese characters). This was revered as ‘the testament of a lost civilization—a testament of all that
        humankind had ever known, and of all that would ever be known.’ To the Sumerians this composition was
        known as the Table of Destiny (Table is a compilation) and their history records that the guardians of this
        Table had been Kingu (a son of Tiamat) and Tiamat’s great-grandsons Enlil and Enki. In the esoteric Jewish
        tradition, The Table was called ‘The Book of Raziel’—a collection of secrets cut into sapphire and inherited,
        at length, by King Solomon.
        The philosophical cipher of the Table became known as Ha Qabala and it was said that he who
        possessed Qabala also possessed Ram, the highest expression of cosmic knowingness. The very name
        Abram or Avram means ‘(he) who possesses Ram’. We shall deal with the cabala separately.

        “Abraham was told to go and spread his seed through all the planet Earth. And yet this Covenant was
        not kept. . . the Hoovids are the least willing to obey . . . they became confused upon planet Earth, and
        those of the opposition are able to manipulate them. Those of the opposition knew their strength and
        corrupted it. . . Now the opposition knew that if they can control the Hoovids, the rest of the civilizations
        weren’t as important.” (The Nine)
        And so Yahweh/Lucifer was able to take the Hoovids’ nature of persistence and tenacity, even of
        stubbornness, and not only use it against them, but against all of the experiment on Earth, and eventually
        against all of Creation. Once again we have that primal error of turning away from the FATHER and the
        Higher Will.
        “You believe you are in control but you are always controlled. You believe that you have free will –and
        the truth is that you do, but when you understand you have free will, totally and completely, then you give up
        that free will (surrender it to the Higher Will).”
        As we have said, Jehovah, the God of the Jews, was not the same as God, the FAT

        The name Jehovah/Yehovah is a late and somewhat Anglicized version of Yahweh, YHWH–these four
        consonants once represented the Heavenly Family-–Y represented El, the Father—H was Asherah the
        Mother, W was He the Son, H was the Daughter Anath. In the Cabala, God’s male-female image was
        perpetuated. The divine marital chamber was the sanctuary of the temple, but once destroyed, the female
        was left to wander while Jehovah ruled on by himself.
        Yahweh, as addressed in Psalm 23, is depicted in the male-female imagery of the era: as both the
        Shepherd and the Bride. Of the bride, the words say ‘Thou preparest a table before me . . thou anointest my
        head with oil’—the duties of a Jewish bride being to anoint her new husband.
        The religion that stemmed from the worship of Yahweh is distinctly patriarchal, and Abraham was truly
        the first patriarch of the faith built around this new and most powerful god, Yahweh.
        Biblical historians say that the one male god was cemented only after the Jewish captivity in Babylon
        around 536 BC—a thousand or more years after Abraham. So the religion of the One God, just as in Egypt,
        was not an overnight success. It was while in captivity that the religion spread, and the Jews returned from
        there as Jehovah’s ‘Chosen People’. It was also in captivity in Babylon that most of Old Testament was first
        written down. It is hardly surprising then that Sumerian and Mesopotamian stories should be grafted onto the
        early Jewish tradition, and many ideas and words associated with them such as that of the Elohim. When the
        Israelites returned from Babylon to Jerusalem, the first five Books of Moses were collated into the Jewish
        Torah (the Law). The Jews were, in fact, said to be unhappy with Jehovah because all they had done was
        suffer, so the Books of the prophets were added to promise ‘the Coming of the Messiah’.
        This is the lord who Sitchin says identifies himself by name to Abram– “I am Yahweh . . .” Genesis 15:1
        – “God Supreme, Possessor of Heaven and Earth.” And it is the jealousy of Lucifer that shines through in the
        biblical admonitions against the worship of “the Sun, the Moon and the host of heaven,” those gods who
        Abraham’s ancestors had worshipped such as the Annunaki and the other space-gods, now that the ‘only
        true god,’ Yahweh, was here.
        Moses and Yahweh
        We have already begun the story of Moses, and as surprising as it may be, it fills in many of the gaps
        and makes more sense than the Biblical tale.

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        1. Good info! Thanks! Question: how does this tie in with the Khazarians? They evidently worshipped baal, but were nasty and icky to everyone around them, and so “adopted” Judism to blend in, so to speak, but secretly continued their bad habits of blood letting, child sacrifice, and so on, whilst slowly and secretly taking over world money tech.


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