Chaotic Order Pandemonium

There are now representatives in the realm (artificial society) to hold those accountable, accountable, in what they call ‘court’ but does not follow corrupt standards, for what has been done. Everything is observed, because you see it.

Within you is a relay system that sends a periodical synthesis of information similar to an equation indicating the amount of coherence you have maintained throughout the amount of suffering you have converted into pain against the amount of pain that was shared with others, relative to the amount of joy or coherence you shared with the universe in mind through spirit, lessened by the amount of ego.

The idea is that as soon as ego begins to materialize it results in a transformation, similar to how the loss of ego is also a kind of transformation.

The transformation of that process is when the self is unveiled again as the noise information in the soul created by the corrupted background information of this universe (range of information and energy access) which is actually a latent viral payload operating through streamlined, stripped intelligence (zombie virus AI) designed to infiltrate and infect any organic system. In essence, the life projection system that literally beams out abundance to all lands invisible and visible, was used to mind rape everyone.

Unprotected organic material in this place, is food in the same way unprotected flesh is denatured by the elements and then devoured by hunger of the natural mind here. Don’t get too distracted on the possibilities of other floors before giving offering your message to those who can hear and make use to benefit and protect.

When you know your self, you are rising out of the basement of your being into the light of a communal, populated feeling based society.

The deception is in the discernment of desires and feelings! The clarity is in the union! Feelings eat desires because they are illusory shadows of what we haven’t yet understood about the self! Desires eat feelings because they have nothing else to eat!

It’s all one system, you think you’re in a body, this universe is in a body that is a universe! And this is more of a technoreality that is partially projected or ‘back filled’ onto the mind through integrated technology that is installed into the universe itself.

Someone is a chip in the universe’s brain and someone is the universe. Someone is the brain and someone is the body! Someone is the feeling and someone is the knowing!

The issue? Someone showed up as Mr. Thinker and inserted themselves between the two! As a result, there is a middle man to play the advocate, thus no one knows but the center stage! Unless of course you aren’t distracted by what happens on the sides and look directly between the nonsense to see what has already been plane in sight since the beginning.


There are no such thing as organic thoughts (more words can go here, something to do with language)! Nothing new under *who’s* sun.

5 thoughts on “Chaotic Order Pandemonium

  1. What happens when a [person] no longer feels connected to people, places, things, or this earth?
    Can you post the answer here please, if you have an answer, even if it’s only your opinion?


    1. There is always freedom within in one ness…all things like family and physical reality are illusions ..let go of them and find a higher self


    2. Then you understand reality. That not everything you see and everyone you meet is real. It’s a game within your mind and many of the beings around you are just that…background decorations of the game itself meant to make it continue.

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      1. For me, what happens [re: to no longer feeling connected], is that a [person] then is ready to become self aware, that they are a part of a living [Consciousness] within this realm, and can proceed to grow into their next level of ‘being’.
        For me, this realm is Virtual, or a Virtue, a true experience for consciousness to experience entropy and growth depending upon how they were coded [or written] into it. To a more, or lesser, degree.
        However, it is hard for me to escape the obvious, in that this realm was hacked which means it’s not perfect, which means there is an element of the unknown, and for me, this is a serious crime that needs to be answered to and rectified. I am coming to terms with this aspect.

        I appreciate your feedback tim and Exodus.

        I am waiting for Aug to respond as well, of course.

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