Right Knowledge

If you don’t want to read the article, they took people, profiled their personality with a test and then told them made up things which they all promptly believed (by applying it in the conveniently placed post information questioning (except for the Agent Neos).

“Being told that people like you had been randomly assigned to consider an opinion appeared to create a clear bias in favor of that position. Participants who were told people like them were frequently assigned to consider hiring a friend were more likely to choose that as their own position; if they were told instead that people like them were asked to consider hiring the qualified individual, they were more likely to pick that option. The same held true for whether or not to report a robber that gave the money to an orphanage.”

Are they ‘believing’ that this is the ‘truth’ or the ‘right’ option considering that someone ‘believes’ this, or is this just a sign of what happens when, well.

In other words, are they thinking ‘wrong’ (ineffectually) or ‘not thinking’, quite literally?


22 thoughts on “Right Knowledge

  1. So I have really been enjoying Julian Jaynes’ theories in “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” recently, so with this voluminous amount of past psychological research in my head right now being contemplated, I would say it relates to the known psychological fact seen in humans and even animals that making decisions always causes stress to the mind/body. Therefore, we on an even biological basis, like to avoid making decisions. I would say this relates to the logical fallacy of argumentum ad populum, the idea of can a million people be wrong lol, it allows someone an out not to have to think and decide if they believe others have already done that what would be the point sort of thing. Though the truth is that logic is not proof of anything, if anything history teaches is yes millions of people can be wrong lol, and never go by that in decision making but taking up that burden to think for yourself and not rely on mental crutches of sorts well it is in fact a burden on the human being. Not to mention if groups are that fallible then the ideas of social cohesion all of the sudden can become a threat, the stress levels go through the roof lol, people would rather choose ignorance, even their own body would encourage the mind in this direction for someone who has not worked at handling the burdens of consciousness effectively. So in a way we may unconsciously look for ways out of consciously making thought-out decisions for the very fact it causes stress. And in truth, the way the question is stated, it put in the idea of a groupthink, even if it wasn’t there even in the question. So is it the fact the individual has a penchant to look to be part of a group, it would appear that way I guess. But why? Well in the area of decision making which is the realm of this study the idea of the group removes the burden from the individual of having to make the effort at a thoughtful decision process. The more obvious situation here is no one wants to make any choice ever, and any sign of an out where that burden is removed from being responsible in some way for a making a choice will often be chosen. Why is the groupthink preferable, well it in a way relieves individual thought and thereby relieves the stress the duty of consciousness applies, that I would say is the appeal of the group in suggestion to the subject at least in this study.

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    1. That only applies to the false light beings who have no creativity and soul. To those of us who have a spirit and can think for ourselves we make our own decisions this is why we are ostracized by the community at large and looked down upon as outsiders.

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      1. I for one can say I have never agreed now will I ever agree with what the majority think or do. This is the reason why many of us true beings get abused…we don’t conform to the mainstream programming of how things should be and we are “out of line” and break the programming. Deep down all true beings know this isn’t the way things should be.

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      2. Absolutely! You’ve hit the nail on the head.

        ”Deep down all true beings know this isn’t the way things should be.” And ive felt this since a young age but couldn’t put my finger on it, but this began to gel and crystallise since May 2013 the red pill week. Realising Free Energy physics existed and was suppressed set off a major catalyst nuclear bomb in me followed swiftly by one after the other on 101 different topics and quickly realised this definitely isn’t the way things should be at all! An abomination.

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      3. “That only applies to the false light beings who have no creativity and soul.”

        Actually, that is an incredibly false statement. In fact those that have virtually no stress in decision making are not wholly but largely as a group all psychopathic/sociopathic. So to the idea stress in decision making and the very natural reaction of the body/mind connection wanting to avoid stress is only for false light beings, well you have to reconcile that those with characteristics that those traits can manifest in humans well there body/mind connection shows no stress in decision making. One can relate this to some of the great observations of Sam Vaknin on narcissism/psychopathy and why all of our leaders throughout history are by definition narcissistic/psychopaths, that these are rewarded traits in people wanting strong decisive leaders to avoid making their own decisions, but in human forms someone that wants to be the strong decisive leader by definition very often carries some of these traits because no actual human being would want the stress that would cause, I mean being responsible for the decisions of millions of people? Just for yourself is work enough! One can say positions of decision making authority by their definition attract the sociopathic types, on the very basis they do not show the same levels of stress/anxiety in decision making the normal human stress does not plague those types in those positions of high stress.

        Now I won’t get into my unique history, but I had to take the MMPI at 17, the most thorough psychological inventory we have, and I showed 0% on the anxiety scale. I show no stress in decision making. That makes someone in a way not human lol or not a normal human, and most of the time is an obvious indicator of psychopathy except for the fact well you need more evidence than that to assign that to someone of which I had none so I was just declared a severe psychological anomaly with the only problem in the end of being psychologically examined that I was “addicted to my will” lol seriously that was my “problem” whatever that meant you gotta find something wrong with a subject who does not fit normal human psychology and is part of a group of humans that ranges in infintismal percentage of the population group lol.

        Now there is I think good evidence that we are not seeing psychology create nonexistent problems (though it can and has and does) when we see people today reporting problematic levels of anxiety in today’s culture at astronomical rates from the prior generation. And part of this we know relies in decision making, we truly have an illusion of too many choices to a degree and that creates high anxiety, and this relates again to some of Vaknin’s recent connections to us in every economic indicator that we are returning in the cycle to a feudal system, and that feudal systems are preferable because they have psychopathic charismatic leaders that are idolized that do all of the tough decision making but also that everyone knows their place, there is comfort in limited life choices that is why we have allowed this system to flourish in the past and it is by all definitions resurging again in the death of “capitalism” which is truly just a horse of a different color of the same problem in that we have only ever allowed ourselves two choices of how to operate in this realm. There are obviously many other not considered alternatives lol.

        So yeah, not an expert by a stretch on light beings, but I believe common knowledge is they often incarnate into lineages with some severe karmic dysfunction for a reason, kind of like sending teachers to the most disadvantaged schools. By definition that being is going to go through a lot of stress in coming into full consciousness in those familial patterns. But they again will take the burden to assimilate full consciousness which is a road to work on for most everybody, it is stress inducing, ignorance is bliss on some levels when it comes to limiting stress. Unless one is a narcissistic psychopath or like me who started on the path to full consciousness from being a toddler lol and was a miracle birth from an RH neg Mom who never had the shot who survived a womb trying to kill me every day and never knew comfort in this incarnation and came into this space knowing from the womb this place is a war zone, always treating it as such, but as a warrior I see war more along the lines of Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu Tang swordstyle and it always appearing to me as a mental battlefield one in which most all players are not conscious of themselves. I understood the projection system at the age of 7 in and out lol, hence just some reasons why by 17 I showed 0% anxiety in this place but I had been working at that end for some time at that age there was work for me too. But for any lightbeing, they are also in human bodies, they have to go through the same stresses as anybody, and to have mastered this place and have no anxiety in decision making is something that well I wouldn’t attribute to a light being, it would be a place all should reach no matter what you are, but is also the place that the very false light beings you refer to operate from it is just what motivates their decisions differ and in part because they take no consideration of anyone which reduces the stress and very measurably so. If you feel your decisions impact others and want to care for others well stress will be there until someone comes into their own self mastery which isn’t a given no matter who/what you were before this incarnation. Decision making in itself is not creation in the greater sense it just creates the atmosphere for the creation in a way, even false light beings can make decisions and as a matter of fact have no stress in doing so and as history shows is part of why they are so often chosen by the masses as leaders, so in my opinion the areas referred to as to decision making have no relation to what sort of light being one is, for surely the “false light” beings in this study if there were any were not in the groupthink category by definition, in fact not all non-comformists are Neo and that is another trait that can go either way as a positive/negative thing depending it is of no “value” in itself but the value is in the circumstances it originates from.

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        1. Those were not leaders but elitist scum put there by the bloodlines. Stemming from the ancient times towards even now where all the presidents of the US etc are all related. You’ll find psychology won’t be congruent with the metaphysical talk we have on here as psychology is a layer of the trap meant to trap those that won’t go along with “the norm” as I said. I won’t be replying to you anymore to avoid potential future drama.


          12 Year Old Girl Discovers That All But One U.S. President Are Directly Related To Each Other


    2. i can own that i have had difficulty in making some decisions, wait, most decisions, in my life. It always came down to not wanting to be wrong and not wanting to hurt or go against what others wanted. stomach problems my whole life do to wanting to please others/feeling too much of what others felt, finally almost took me out in Dec 2012, with a week long stay in the hospital. I haven’t been the same, some say I’ve changed, meaning, I’m not as agreeable and passive, as i once was. they don’t like who Ive become. eh! I may live in this world but I no longer feel part of it. I make my own decisions now, more and more, thanks to those, Like Aug, who have told us how important it is in every second, to choose, life or death.

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      1. I can understand; when you stated that “they don’t like who I’ve become. eh! I may live in this world but I no longer feel part of it.” As I started to take decision being active; even family is telling me that I have changed for the worse! And, I no longer feel part of the human society I live in; though I like mother earth! So, I guess, I need to go away and live in my own world! So you feel the same?


        1. It takes me 24 hours or longer OrionRa for my intuition to kick on such matters, but my 6th sense suspects this commenter here, plus the guy giving the finger, are somehow shills/agents connected with Aug. I don’t sense they’re real commenters. I think they’ve been arranged by Aug to counterbalance the heavy presence you’ve had on this site. This happened on another site I was at last year, the blog owner posing as different people and using friends to manipulate situations , I correctly spotted it on James Gordon Graham’s Multidimensional Creatives blog.



  2. io credo che la speranza e la sofferenza e la lotta con l’integrita’ di tutto il tuo essere sia vera.puo’ essere che la si reciti per gli altri puo’ essere che la eserciti sotto programmi o sotto mentite spoglie…puo’ essere.ma non serve essere intelligenti per soffrire.io sono ignorante ma soffro come te.io ti credo.

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    1. I believe that hope and suffering and the struggle with the integrity of your whole being is true. It can be that being recited for others can be that you exercise it under programs or in disguise … it can be .but do not need to be smart to suffer.I am ignorant but I suffer like you.I believe you

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  3. not thinking for themselves, at least. this reminds me Darren Brown’s videos. what would you do? what do you believe?, type videos. I saw how very easy it is to convince us of anything. People like being in a group of their likeness. even those becoming aware of things, search out the next level group to be in. allowing anyone or group to decide for you what is the right thing to do, maybe this is where my label, “rebellion, black sheep of the family” comes from. catholic upbringing tried to tell me some things were right, to me these things were not.

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    1. I gave up my family’s catholicism when I was 14. Luckily it was christianity and not islam so I could give it up. I’ve never been one for groups and have always been independent. The problem with groups is they can be infiltrated and taken down or the energy/knowledge corrupted.

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      1. yes, i stopped going as soon as i was old enough to get by with it, lol Ive always walked a thin line when it has come to my parents. I don’t want to hurt or disrespect them so I’m careful with what i say to them. If they want to stay in their beliefs, i can’t change that. I offer small bits of info and leave it alone. I don’t agree with them just to pacify them. my mother thinks she’s failed as a mother and dad only says, keep your linens white. i only hear scripted lines and verses coming from them.


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