Black Sun Disclosure

The black sun

“Not only the German Nazi officials were satanists who raped and killed children as a sacrifice, also well known high ranking US military officials came over from San Francisco to Germany and abused us as small children in the mentioned wewelsburg with the black sun floor.

I survived traumatized and forgot because of a fragmented mind and soul but many children died in these satanic rituals.

Most of the original Nazis mentioned in that article are still around… in younger bodies.
They managed to swap a conciousness from one body to the next (or to a computer) which is like finding immortality. They are not the only ones who are around since a long time.

After officially having lost the WW2 they went not only to South America but also into the underground and continued their sick perverted rituals in the DUMBs and cloning centers, creating the 4th reich. (See James Casbolt aka Michael Prince)

Each soul that has successfully defended humanity against them in earlier lifetimes was cloned and also tortured, raped and abused there.

That’s all part of a very ancient war over earth and humanity. The Nazis weren’t/aren’t human.

MK ultra is a mind programming procedure that fragments the mind into alters that don’t know some parts of life/time. It was re-invented by the Nazis, mainly by dr Josef Mengele aka Dr Green who continued his experiments in the US underground.
He went over with eg Werner von Braun and many other nazi scientists under project paperclip.”

18 thoughts on “Black Sun Disclosure

      1. Could also be Bluebeam. They will project many things now to fool the masses. The “others” will come from here on EArth…not from outside the planet.


  1. As Eve Lorgen showed with HorusRa the archontic parasite…even the Annunaki are slaves and subject to the parasites. Two sets of beings. Parasites building the ego and anger and fear of the ultra advanced humanoid Annunaki fallen.

    ‘Stargate’ Profile: Goa’uld
    Parasitic Symbiotes
    Serpentine shape
    Genetic memory
    Perfect health
    Sociopathic tendencies
    Capable of healing injuries
    High Council of System Lords
    United Alliance of System Lords
    “Children of the Gods”

    We have no right to play God, but neither do the Goa’uld. Now I know none of this seems real to you on paper, but trust me, they’re pure evil.
    The Goa’uld (pronounced “Go-wah-oold” or sometimes “Goold”) are a race of sentient parasitic beings that take over hosts. Several species can serve as hosts, including humans and Unas. They originated on the planet designated P3X-888. They are also extremely egomaniacal due to their genetic memory and the adverse mental effects of the Sarcophagus technology. Goa’uld means “god” in the Goa’uld language.
    During this quest, SG-1 learned that Ra was not a Goa’uld, but was another race entirely, their discoveries suggesting that Ra had some unspecified ties to the Ancients and Ascended beings. (SG1: “The Barque of Heaven”)

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  2. I like how they glorify the darkness in this lmao. “The only thing faster than light is the darkness”. Thanks, Whoopi. But to be honest, the Darkness in the Legend movie cried like a lil bisch as he was swept away by a bit of light ;)
    all hail Tom Cruise master of Scientology lol.

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    1. Maybe this link works. I see the darkness displayed in many places but one of my grand daughters saw something else. She saw who has the power, if they choose to use it😊 She watched this movie and explained it to my daughter! I like how she thinks!

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      1. Reminds me of my daughter lol. Adorable. Although my kid is also a projection of a being and she is different from most kids already at her young age. I’m routinely expanding her mind on many subjects and she will be far ahead of my development at my age if the construct is still around by then. Although, I don’t see that happening. Sometimes helpers incarnate to help teach a lesson or to help balance one out or to impart an energy that’s missing in oneself. In my case since I closed off most of my emotions she holds the balancing emotional side that I don’t see much in myself anymore.

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        1. Yes many are born now with a knowing, more than me. I can usually spot them pretty quick. A few able to see things that scares them. I’ve helped a few with the little knowledge I have. I suspect this seeing/knowing must run in the line of my mother. I’ve also noticed that many more are manifesting the darker things, not knowing that it’s coming from themselves. They think they are haunted, have evil in their homes. The so-called veil must be thinning, as some say. I’m noticing a lot and attempting to keep my daughters informed but no one else is ready around me. The kids know. They really do! 😊

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          1. This is why we have short lives. It keeps us ignorant each lifetime that’s recycled. Start all over from a blank state and reprogram and reprogram. No chance to awaken. This time period is special.

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    2. Interesting movie. What if the universe is inside of you. Quantum entanglement, what affects one affects the other. Folding space with the mind for instant travel. This is disguised as a kids movie, but it’s not.

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    3. Orion. Kundalini Yoga. The “It” looks like black goo. This movie is more of the Jupiter Ascending, Matrix, Dark City etc revelations.


  3. out of everything disclosed, so far, thinking of the children and adults being treated like they are in these facilities, makes my heart drop to my stomach every time. Ive been able stay emotionally in a more balanced way with everything else except this. It feels like my energy just crashes. I knew of Marion from FB.

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  4. This is for all you pathfinders…my fellow warriors of the one true light. Never let them tell you who to be. Be as fierce as a lion and as bright as the sun. Shine from within. It is your time.

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  5. In the end, absolution will be given to those that suffered. As the darkness will be transmitted each “day” of it’s suffering will seem like an eternity. You are healed. Go home. Let the rest of us do what’s needed. Let those that are bred for this do what’s necessary. When unleashed…our energy is quite magnificent.

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