Blunt Force Truth

The parasite doesn’t need you as much as you need your soul.

This is how we get you out.

They send us back everytime.

They want it to look like an accident.

They invented the middle ages as a temporal prison, a temporal ‘austraylya” to put those who don’t fit into the broken end time future that all in existence are seeking to squash out as a phantom timeline.

It’s a future where we are and always have been cyborg robotoid animatronic fuck dolls for a mutated and dead inside elite.

UP to you.

25 thoughts on “Blunt Force Truth

  1. Look at the picture in the link…look at the egotism. These people are the controllers at the human level…but human shells are also interchangable for these entities.

    (Not orb…but EArth as EA is En.Ki is Ptah is Poseidon is Prometheus is Zeus is Odin etc…)

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — A mysterious glowing orb is exerting uncanny power over the world’s social media.

    President Trump, King Salman of Saudi Arabia and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt entered a darkened room filled with row after row of computers in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, on Sunday evening.

    They placed their hands atop a radiant whitish sphere, which illuminated their faces like a campfire, and kept them there for nearly two minutes. The first lady, Melania Trump, who also briefly touched the object, looked on.

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  2. Even before Trump won the presidency I was one of the first to call him out as En.Ki Lucifer an avatar of. Watch the game and you will see.

    The mark of the Antichrist has more to do with his “nature” than the tattoo he will demand on your forehead or right hand! The Bible clearly identifies five aspects of the Antichrist that will deceive the world and cause an incredible multitude to be eternally damned. Many are concerned about his “MARK 666” but never give a thought to his nature. Notice how the Bible clearly warns us of this truth. As John watches he sees “… the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand… And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” (Revelation 14:9,11) In both verses, we are warned that men will follow him in worship and receive his mark. There is no question but that our world is experiencing a deluge of the nature of this future beast. This article has one goal of helping you identify his nature. When the Rapture occurs, the world left behind will have already been prepared for his “MARK”.

    -666 mark of man, born as a man
    -MAGA hats on the forehead
    -No rest for Trump supporters
    -Has not denounced two of the biggest terrorist states in the world…Saudi Arabia and Isis Ra Elohim (Israel) instead he is fulfilling an age old prophecy
    -many claiming undying love for him, many claiming he’s playing 5D chess
    -I can recognize his energy…I know my enemy in this game
    -If you remember the news story (you can read below about it) about BridgeAnne d’Avignon, the girl who discovered that all but one president are descendants of the same English king, John Lackland Plantaganet. Donald Trump, the newest US elect president is ALSO in this group together with Hillary Clinton! In fact, the Dailymail have uncovered that both Trump and Clinton claim lineage to John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster and son of King Edward III of England
    -Golden boy fallen parasite En.Ki would not assume any other position than the unofficial leader of mankind (POTUS) and by electing him he is hoping to circumvent the law of free will and say he didn’t trap you but you wanted him here
    -Don’t be fooled by the game…I am here to expose it and break it.

    As the Dailymail reports, Clinton claims the lineage to her 18th great-grandparents through the Rodham family of her father’s side while Trump is related to her through his mother Mary Anne Macleod, who was born in Scotland.

    HIS NATURE IS THE PRELUDE TO HIS MARK OR TATTOO. We call his nature that is gripping our world, “THE SPIRIT OF THE ANTICHRIST”. The Scripture says, “… this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” (I John 4:3) We must recognize the spirit of this beast that is preparing our world for his mark. There are millions that have so surrendered to the nature that it will make no difference when they take the mark. The mark cannot be received until the Man of Sin, the beast himself, is revealed, but the nature and his worship can be experienced already. Let’s try to identify his nature to the best of our understanding of truth.

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      1. More than 35 years id say. His being 70 years, 7 months, 7days old, on his inauguration day January 20th 2017, shows an incredible amount of planning and forethought for all this since before he was conceived which is incredible and astonishing and shows how much is scripted and theatre including the animosity towards him of the snowflake left and Clinton and all the rest of the goings on. So that’s astonishing as well, the acting going on.

        But if Time and this Reality isn’t what I naturally assume it to be….and if hyperdimensional groups stop and start this reality and programme things in from outside of it and implant memories in the mass consciousness and do time travel creating time loops going back. Then someone or some groups from the future maybe went back in time and got born and reprogrammed reality and inserted himself to be 777 on Inauguration day,

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        1. The hyperdimensional groups are also playing from within the game and trapped within as Aug said. Even the ones that started the AI monstrosity are trapped by it. They just hide in higher frequencies. I’m only projecting a small part of my consciousness into the game but my main self is not actually inside.


    1. Fine truth blogs I assumed they were, such as the Milennium Report, and Cosmic Convergence Research Group, not part of the fake alt media but doing their best telling all manner of truths. Seem to be therefore exposed as deep state fake alt media in view of this compelling EnKi evidence above. Since they built up Trump as some kind saviour and the ”Fire Monkey” in Chinese astrology, heralding huge great change due to trumps sledgehammer nature bringing the deep state down etc. Fire Monkey as the kali yuga comes to an end. Really giving people hope .

      It is a shame about Trump but seems undeniable hes Enki and since I don’t want to be trapped into eternal damnation here am on board no matter how uncomfortable it has been to realise. I did enjoy his lack of respect to Queen Elizabeth in London, even turning his back on her at the viewing of the Guard, but again this now seems like scripted for public consumption.

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    2. No offense, but with each presidency, a slew of people come crawling out from their rocks claiming this is the Antichrist, and here is how we know!
      I’m a heathen and look to my ancestral roots for spiritual guidance. Even the Scandinavians have an apocalyptic story in their lore. So do other cultures around the world. My feeling is not to get hung up on the details of man made doctrines, but rather use our intuition to sense what is and isn’t. For example, this concept of an Antichrist or supernatural enemy could be more abstract than many imagine. Rather than thinking it will manifest in the form of one single human form, imagine that it could be an entire mindset, and entire system,manifesting a rot into the hearts of many. Not a single enemy you can identify and annihilate, but the enemy withing. Like the story of the two wolves. One is good and one is evil. Which one do you feed? If the great enemy of all life would be in the form of a single being, it would be too easy to destroy. Like you said, look within, not without. Just my two cents.

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      1. Very good comment Jessica, it is hard for many to get the “bigger picture” but prophetic writings are never meant to be taken literally. You can apply them to almost anything “literal” but their value becomes completely lost in that sort of mindset. A “wicked” generation looks and asks for a “sign” . . . when one’s spirit if one is in touch with that sees bigger pictures of sorts, patterns, trends per say forming and can “see” without having a specific target in their sights. Like with the Revelation prophecy, well the “mark” on the forehead or hand, this just stands for thoughts and deeds people waiting for a RFD chips hey that is besides the point! And yes the “man of lawlessness” idea actually did not come from prophetic literature, but from a Pauline epistle to the Thesselonians, written prior to John’s Revelation. People pair this in those writing to what Paul stated in those same passages to a “rapture” . . . but that was an idea never even heard of in “Christendom” until modern times and from some very questionable sources with an “agenda” at the least in seeing how that idea was spread around and largely only adopted in America. We have to actually acknowledge that what is being spoken of in some of these texts and our consciousness . . . well in a way it is like comparing apples and oranges, but one has to take a bigger view that what we are speaking is fruit lol, has shown itself in different things and different times and different places, but all prophetic literature in many cultures that have similar themes well they endure for the purpose that they are not calling out specifics in the way we see but are spiritual realities based in METAPHOR. One could even see this “man of lawlessness” and “beast-man” as a consciousness group of specific “Men” that reaches its culmination point of ultimate wickedness . . . possibly in a corrupted elite that is now being revealed. They could be the strain of “man” defined by “lawlessness” which symbolizes order.

        But most everyone has been programmed in some way into that consciousness. I think we can see this in the stupid fight we have over politics, as some side being more “righteous” than the other . . . when both are utterly corrupted and if you are buying into that mind control “game” well that can create a “mark” on your forehead eventually, you are controlled by this other consciousness. Mind control of the masses is intricately related to this “mark.” And one can be contributing to this wickedness even if their hands aren’t necessarily “dirty.” That is why breaking out of the illusion is so important.

        And this has been used in nefarious ways, for someone on the “left” that in America where our healthcare is completely screwed, in that many people can’t even afford it even after our “reforms” . . . well that is an “evil” leftist agenda so therefore evil because well that leftist politician is evil. Or in America we have the “Christian” right that yes sees every social program from the “devil.” So that allows other ideas to pervade. In talking with my mother once on why we shouldn’t just extend Medicare to all here, a “Christian” right winger, well other countries that do that they have to wait in lines to get care, and she doesn’t want to do that, because some people “die” waiting in lines. So in essence, she desires to create a world where other people have to go without care and die for her in order for her to have quicker access to care to make sure she gets attended to as needed, and of course if posed that way to her she sees that this is utterly an abominable idea, would that not be considered a consciousness of a “man of lawlessness” when it comes to higher law and universal order, but no one “phrases” it like that. And wouldn’t that be on the same lines of the consciousness of an elite that take lives as a needed expense to extend their own as well? The media programs your “mind” based on “fears” and getting people to identify with “groups” of which the groupthink is even pre-programmed and we don’t even recognize that the whole premise to what we argue about are lies to keep us arguing and fearing each other.

        I view these “beasts” from land and sea like consciousness radio waves, the “horns” sending out programmed music to the masses, and is one on a frequency in their “music” of life of those artificial “horns” standing for different “kingdoms” but all part of the same “beast.” This can obviously have more specific representations of technology and genetics not understood to “ancients” . . . but that doesn’t take away from the overall metaphor. One can look at this more akin to the “beast” of the movie Leviathan in a way that starts out small, but the more people it takes into itself it just makes it a part of it, with the humans consciously existing in some ways in the beast consuming them are what allows it to grow into a threat. The beast of the “land” being what we see here connected with the beast of the “sea” which stands for other dimensional consciousnesses.

        I find in one of Crowley’s visions a very interesting thought:

        “For in the beginning the Father of All called for lying spirits that they might sift the creatures of earth in three sieves, according to the three impure souls. And he chose the wolf for the lust of the flesh, and the raven for the lust of the mind, but me did he choose above all to simulate the pure prompting of the soul. Them that are fallen a prey to the wolf and raven I have not scathed, but them that have rejected me I have given over to the wrath of the raven and the wolf. And the jaws of the one have torn them, and the beak of the other has devoured the corpse. Therefore is my flag white, because I have left nothing upon earth alive. I have feasted myself on the blood of the Saints, but I am not suspected of men to be their enemy, for my fleece is white and warm, and my teeth are not the teeth that teareth flesh; and mine eyes are mild, and they know me not the chief of lying spirits that the Father of All sent forth from before his face in the beginning.”

        Our “shadow” is often most unseen when it believes it is acting in “purity” and “light.” It is often the last one we notice to go into to deeply examine, but I would say the most dangerous. Our own work on the “self” is of the most importance, because IMO you get too polarized into “light” and “dark” and not seeing that both exist in you and have led to the “lawlessness” we have allowed take control of this world (even the legal system is corrupt), well without rigorous self examination the idea your “head” at least is not already “marked” well IME it is often people that believe they are better than others that would never think that a possibility in their perceived perfection like the lying spirit that cannot be easily seen well they can easily fall prey to lies too and often the most subtle infiltrating ones, and apparently it is the lying spirit “simulating” the “pure” prompting of the soul being that one that left at one point no one on earth alive . . . might help explain why we all maybe dead and it wasn’t obvious darkness that succeed in that :-)


        1. Really great comment. I really enjoyed reading this, and resonate with so much of what you said here. Personally, I’ve never been one who fits into a box, and could never accept the group think that so many others fall into. Even people I see who genuinely try to be good people and bring about positive change in the world, despite their good intentions, I see them falling in with a group, like a hive mind. Each parroting the ideas of the group. That feels so wrong to me, so I’m always the one running solo, feeling my own way through this life and trying to avoid the traps. No one is without flaw and mistakes. In a way, even the best of us are like children, lacking the experience needed to be wiser and better. I have mixed feelings about social programs like healthcare. Under our corrupt systems, it feels to me like a necessary evil. But what would happen if we did away with money altogether and moved away from material incentives and instead revived a tribal spirit of being an interdependent community, each person having their role to play. No one is valued as worth more or less than another. As long as the individual finds a purpose and does their part, the community is in balance. I don’t believe our world can ever experience a utopia in the true sense of the world. Struggle and conflict is an ingrained part of the reality of this world, and perhaps that is necessary to test our characters. How do you know if you are truly a good person if you never have to make difficult decisions or face challenges and hardship in life?
          Anyway, my nature is to question everything, even what I think I already know. Constant vigilance, I guess you could say. But not like the paranoid type. Like the Buddhist monk, who can be surrounded by chaos, but he remains centered, grounded, and at peace. That is what I strive for, even if I don’t always succeed. (Note, I’m not a Buddhist.) ;-)

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        1. The AI plague is already upon us. It’s just in the early stages still. The word Christ really just means anointed one, in Greek, I believe. We could see such terms as more of a concept of the spiritual human being, and something like AI, which could potentially replace us and even bring about our own demise, as the Antichrist or whatever word one prefers.


  3. Hope vs false hope. Hope is internal and you will resonate with the truth when you find it. False hope is externalized and you would look to a saviour. If the game offers you false hope it will end up back in the beginning of the game and everything reset. Instead…you are given the keys to the kingdom by fellow beings of the one true light, not saviours, and you have to open the gate and walk through it to claim the kingdom. Always look internally for hope. It comes from within. Passion is the key. It’s a balance of all the emotions as one. The passion to go home, the passion to do good. The passion for truth. You’ve all been given the keys to the kingdom many times over…what will you do with it. Everyone can make a difference. It all matters and it all counts. For those that are still good and hold onto their Will…you are not alone.

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  4. From the outside in Michael has both cut the energy and is crushing and burning this false light matrix trap and from the inside out the awakening to this illusion of the trapped true beings is destabilizing Maya. How much longer does the demiurgos have energy left to keep this place together. It will go to the last minute, but everything now is full on hate, brutality, and destruction of the cohesion of this trap. Just because you sit in your homes all comfy doesn’t meant that the rest of the world doesn’t see it. These videos just show snippets of the craziness that happens every day. The twilight zone come alive. As the unawakened minds also project their reality their untrained minds will create things out of the “norm”. Every day will get crazier and crazier this is why they bombard the senses with news after news and false dichotomies as having “two” sides fight each other yet at the highest level it’s all one or so beings playing a game of chess.

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  5. hi Aug – i had a question – not related to this post.. I just want to know your thoughts if you have any on my question.
    I’m been trying to have a baby using IVF – going on my 4th try. I feel positive every time, feel pregnant, see myself pregnant – even knowI will have a baby through ivf – i . know this to be true. But I’m going on 4th try – should I be thinking of anything in particular? Everyone says its a numbers game – but I’m not so sure about numbers game – isn’t it a mind game more so?

    would be interested to hear your thoughts – thanks -susanna


  6. CBS Now Openly Reporting on the Elite Lining Up to Ingest the Blood of Children

    Once the talk of conspiracy theorists — the rich ingesting the blood of the young to foster longevity — is now a reality and an actual business in the United States. Not only is it a business but billionaires are actually admitting their interest in it. Now, even the mainstream media is reporting it.

    “Could the secret to eternal youth be found in blood transfusions from young people? Some claim that transfusions with “young blood” from teenagers can reverse the aging process,” the report from CBS reads.

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    1. Well, that’s interesting… Funny how those doing the digging get mocked until their conspiracy theories suddenly become mainstream, common knowledge.

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      1. Exactly. I’m just here trying to help people understand what Aug says and to prove some of what he says on a more mundane level. Having had direct experiences I never needed “proofs” but some others it helps by accelerating the awakening. The world will show itself now more and more as the truth energy is being drawn down.

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        1. Thanks. I have a hard time following this blog, because I have a very literal way of thinking, and there just aren’t enough examples or explanations provided for me to make sense of his posts. But don’t take that to mean I’m closed minded. There’s a lot going on in the world that just doesn’t add up, and I too am trying to make sense of it all. If that’s even possible. Haha!


    1. We are Divine Universal Law defined as body mind & spirit. It is only through the law of free will to choose another existence are we able to free ourselves


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