How to Travel in the Multiverse and Not Lose Your Mind and Get Stuck in the Past

Please excuse my excitation. Sometimes I post in a manner that would be abrasive at first sight. Everything is for healing. With more knowledge comes more suffering. With more suffering comes more truth, with more truth comes more self awareness, with more self awareness comes compassion with more compassion comes free will with more free will comes the light of all that is.

The truth cannot be changed, the limits of our minds can be. And we can always use kind manners and proper language, excluding insults, harassing behavior, swears, isolated focus and other mannerisms that take away from the substance of the message. Yelling out the window has it’s place, but this place has no windows. There I go again.

They didn’t come from ‘another’ world, they came from the underworld. There is no other world, only up or down.

Refining the energy of your mind and the strength, balance, and sensitivity of the body will accumulate knowledge and power over generations.

You live in the world of the damned. If you refuse this, then you have been dead so long there is no hope. Yes, you can rebuild atoms. Yes, we rebuilt our species. Yes, this means nothing if you forget why we are here.

You will always be able to tell the weak or corruptible men from the true. Careful attention yields, those without internal fortitude will submit to desires and temporary, instant gratification rather than long term, selfless and distant goals for the community.

There is no evil. There are monsters, beasts, great seers and healers, famines, plagues, and disasters but evil is only found in the hearts of the wicked.

One cannot fear violence. One must develop strength through darkness. Wickedness is only found through those who’s darkness sweeps through them and overpowers them into spreading their weakness uncontrollably into others.

The parasitic worm must be drawn out of the body and then segmented.

You have to become who you are when you enter this realm in order to exit the illusion. You swim backwards against the flow of time, entropy, to wholeness. Taking all your actions and habits that worked against that process of liberation and using them to specifically undo those chains by burning against your intention and will to reshape the lost into the found and burn away the false to reveal the remaining true.

The ability to convey what you dislike or how you feel you’ve been wronged, in a meaningful, beneficial, non threatening and non damaging way is the foundation of diplomatic resolution of community issues in a liberated social setting.

In other words, the ability to do that is the key to achieving the true resolution which is a return to wholeness instead of ‘just ice’ which will only spread the damage by blocking off the healing with more arbitrary suffering. The funny part is the suffering is only received by the people every time. Well, this would be funny if they weren’t robotoid drones programmed to interact the way they do and they are not only here just for you to sacrifice your soul to an artificial, mechanical illusory world (by dying for it).

You have to create an opening in this world for your energy to fulfil itself. It won’t seek to fulfill your dreams for you. It eats your dreams for fuel.

The gatekeepers of the false light reality must be proven wrong without a doubt using truth of self knowledge. If you fail, they send you back here. All is a test. What you think are your enslavers are those kind enough to teach you the tricks of the system that has enslaved you.

The war is over, the death system was defeated years ago. This is all about people overcoming their own fears within and defeating the autonomous systems we developed to cope with the truth but degraded into false realities and phobic fantasies of a chaotic reality.

Everything you are learning now is what you have been put here to learn for your entire life.

We can’t have everything the way we like it or want it or it will collapse our reality into a stinking pile of shit.

Sometimes this is what I Love the most out of the situation. It’s the secret, tiny, invisible elephant that no one cares about out of neglect and ignorance, not fear and cowardice. You use your reality and the dynamic push and pull of pleasure, stimulation, growth and decay.

You have to strengthen beyond anything in range or potential scope. If you do not, your vessel will be sold as a time slot to the lowest bidder for that kind of experience. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of consciousness in the universe and the conspiracies are just that.

Systems are in place to mind wipe everyone. These are final stand efforts for our civilization. Tech that is far superior has existed for a long time.

There are those who are lower than you, pretending to be higher, and those who are higher, pretending to be lower.

Everybody’s brains have been deactivated in this universe (scaled down). Your intelligence is being activated in a source dimension. This is incorruptible from this locale.

If you do not stop abducting our children they will find your progenitor and insert their DNA to recreate a parallel containing your essence and then they will find you, they will make you feel what we feel, when they want you to, in the manner that we choose.

They’re dead and they know it. You can’t kill them. You, you can be given life, and if this is what happens to you, then you know you’ll have to answer to everyone for everything, eventually, everywhere, “why”.

Each fold overlaps the other. Those who are not interested in the horrors of today will have their own, tomorrow, which would destroy the old world rule in an instant. As a result, they have to be slowly phased out, while a new batch of reality develops (with a smile).

Your awakening, Universes can be ran within one another, in parallel, It’s all been happening

Everyone of the old world is D A E D

If you believe what they say, you’re f!@$d. (if you hear their voice, you are hypnotized instantly and under their control)

When you want to be patient and something within you doesn’t want to, that’s not you.

Every method of darkness is remade from the method of creation.

What if each universe is stand alone and everyone simply preprograms their population for the next universe through their experiences here or in the previous one? If you maximize your coherency experiences you might just go to a universe with near 99.99999% coherence.

How to Travel in the Multiverse and Not Lose Your Mind and Get Stuck in the Past

This was posted in reverse chronological routine.

4 thoughts on “How to Travel in the Multiverse and Not Lose Your Mind and Get Stuck in the Past

  1. I’m out. Going back to the light. I’m done. Aug you’re going to be my tether to this stuff because the rest of it… It just keeps spinning me down lower. I’ll be gone from the usual places. What returns will be much more peaceful and rested. I’ve been a terror to everyone. Almost lost everything. I have all the answers already, no worries, I have the best teacher ever. I love you so much man. Really hope to meet the real one some day. Stay safe. Be good. God bless. (((+)))


    1. I understand. I have been doing this through the information. It doesn’t stress me as much, because for me it’s just experiences, not some unknown. That is not the point of this and so I will be sure to give you and others the opportunity to see the compassionate, self aware, truth.

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  2. Leaving me speechless with this one, brother. Nice slow clap. There seems so few of us though. Maybe its all part of the illusion. I’m getting screamed at a lot but I just hold back the laugh. Makes me giddy thinking about this time, tomorrow. Looking forward to your movie adaption. Warmest blessings as always, to you and yours.

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