Sim or Infinite Potential Sustained Physically?

What if each universe is stand alone and everyone simply preprograms their population for the next universe through their experiences here or in the previous one? If you maximize your coherency experiences you might just go to a universe with near 99.99999% coherence.

3 thoughts on “Sim or Infinite Potential Sustained Physically?

  1. Time restarts. From the future to the past to the future to the past. I remember most things as they have happened before many times. Like prophetic dreams. I like her old articles especially their simplicity, the problem is that one needs complexity to understand the simplicity.


    As I have mentioned in other writings, the Intelligence has appointed the Anunnaki as Its agents to bring about the re-starts when they are due. The Anunnaki have kept this information within a very small circle of Anunnaki Elite. This small group is phonetically known as the Waah-haalu. The Waah-haalu were the only ones who knew how to operate the atu-waa. Needless to say, this small group held an enormous power over every being in the Virtual Reality.

    For a long time the atu-waa was kept on the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru until that planet was in its final days. When the Waah-haalu re-located the atu-waa to Earth, suddenly, a remote, insignificant and primitive planet became a very important place to those who were aware of the atu-waa.

    When the Rescuers of the True-Light discovered the atu-waa on Earth, they disabled the device. After many severe confrontations, the Rescuers were able to separate the atu-waa from the Waah-haalu. Eventually, the Waah-haalu fled the Earth. Ever since, the Waah-haalu have been unable to return to the Earth because of the tight, complex security the Rescuers have placed around the planet’s entry points.

    Most of the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are awaiting the return of the Waah-haalu, whom they believe will be able to activate the atu-waa and re-start time before the Virtual Reality breaks down completely. Since the Waah-haalu know they cannot return, they attempted to send a code to King Hiram, King Solomon and Hiram Abiff, but their attempt failed. Some of the aware Freemasons are still seeking the lost code that they refer to as the “lost word”.

    The Reptilians, who are members of the Anunnaki Remnants, currently possess the non-functional atu-waa. The Waah-haalu have not been able to pass on the operational code to the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth – in fact, the Waah-haalu have since lost the code. Therefore, even if the Waah-haalu were able to return to Earth, they could not operate the atu-waa. There is now only one being who possesses the “code” to the atu-waa.


  2. Would that explain why half the things I read about the reptilians mentions that they come from a previous universe and hence why they claim superiority and ownership of this universe. Humanity being the oddity and upgraded version of an old program that the reptilians are a part of and this is why they continually wage brutal war on humans, or in the case of EArth genetically downgrade them by inserting reptilian DNA into a higher being? If Marduk is part or full reptilian it explains then why he has an inferiority complex.

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    1. This time no one will be coming to save the hologram from being restarted. It’s impossible. The energy is going to run out and end. Good beings go home the rest transmuted into nothingness.


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