Clean Slate

It’s as if you let go of illusion and ignorance fully and accept truth and you receive a clean slate. When the universe repeats, you don’t experience it as an ‘endless’ cycle of repetition, but a unique and meaningful occurrence. Then, you cycle up and experience the next layer.

The you that experiences the current stream of experience is potentially a blueprint, like a formatted layout default used for a formal document.

What we think is our free will is a pre programmed initiator. The response is what is chosen. When the response is totally free of the pre conception limitation of the mistaken free will (illusion), the illusion cannot hold your mind and this is because your mind stops creating the illusion.

When this occurs, what is “You”, as an eternal self awareness moves upwards through the layers as if becoming the observer of the one that is ‘within’.

The two cycles, the two paths, the two world streams are the same. One is outside as the actor of the body itself interacting in an ordered (linear) and egoic (physically defined, separated by physical characteristics) fashion. The two, when combined, become the All.

It is fear which stops people from letting go or causes them to seek that which is outside their scope of necessary learning.

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