Soul Knowledge

How you feel is recorded within the soul, how you think is in the brain. Only what you learn on a soul felt level will shape who you are beyond the inherent limitations of your mind. You cannot see across time but you can know the capacity and priority of the soul’s knowledge.

4 thoughts on “Soul Knowledge

  1. Your Soul is the part of you that originates from Source, descends to a lower plane, and then branches out to incarnate into many lives. Your Soul in its true state of beings would be called Extra-terrestrial.

    Non-cloned humans are extraterrestrial Souls in ET genetically created bodies. No Soul originates on Earth. Very few animal species here originate here.

    There is eternity beyond this trick of a Matrix…. I’m sorry for what you, Aug, and others have gone through, but you have taken too much information from the Dark…. THIS IS ALL TEMPORARY.

    There will be a spit in time-lines. The high frequency Souls will ascend and leave this timeline behind to the dark ones. The new timeline will be a return of this planet to non-duality.

    Don’t listen to anything Donald Marshall says about Pleiadians or the Galactic Federation of Light. He’s been fed lies about all of it.


  2. Just endless trouble for weeks but my emotional threshold has vastly increased. Felt good again for the first time in a long while last night on that soul level. Always loving everything and everyone but forgetting about self. Not good. Lost every friend, almost everyone, even started imagining friends who only exist in my head? When does a warrior rest? Can I even call it sleep anymore? Thank you for the daily inspiration knowing there are people like you in the world make its all worth it. Much love. God bless.


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