A brained body is a VR suit.

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  1. Casbolt – Buried Alive
    (Michael is EnLil and Anu, Lucifer/Azazel is En.Ki and Marduk) this is the war that has been fought over for so long now. Humanity’s freedom vs total control. Even if they were at one point one set of beings not all beings from one group are all evil or all good:

    The Galactic Confederation has a policy of non-intervention in the history of a planet’s
    developing population; however, like any council, there will be different viewpoints.
    Now we get into the real secrets of the “Angels” and the ancient galactic battle known
    by the Pleiadians as the Luciferian Wars. The simple fact is that the beings known in
    religious texts as Lucifer, Michael, Azazel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel were/are
    physical extra-terrestrials.
    Michael is originally based around Aldebaran in the Pleiades, Azazel from the Sirius,
    Raphael from Regulus, Gabriel from Fomalhaut, and Uriel from Antares. However, all
    these beings have ultimately deep connections with the Pleiades star system. Lucifer
    has a very complex story and cannot be covered here. At one time, before the rebellion
    of the being, they were all ultimately taking orders from Lucifer, and Azazel outranked
    Michael. Some say Azazel was the first to rebel when God told him he must serve
    humans, as they were created in his image. Apparently, he said, “Why should a Son of
    Fire (angel) bow down before a Son of Clay (human)?”
    This was the probable cause of the Luciferian Wars of the Watchers. At the time of the
    fall, Lucifer ordered all his forces and star ships to converge in the Lyra star sector.
    Michael, being the loyal soldier he is, came with his Aldebaran military forces. He was
    not aware their leader had rebelled against the ultimate authority and was following
    orders. When he arrived in the Lyra sector, he realised what had happened, and this
    was the first stage of the war. Azazel and 200 Watchers opened a stargate from Lyra
    and were the first rebels to arrive on Earth on My Hermon.
    They were quickly pursued by Michael’s forces; however, Michael was warned by Uriel
    that he and his forces would be pulled into “incarnation” cycles, because of Earth’s
    gravity, if they prosecuted this military campaign against Azazel and his forces on
    Earth. If Michael was to go through with this, he would become transfixed and trapped
    in this solar system and the war would rage on for thousands of years.
    He could not let this evil sweep unhindered across the planet and went ahead with his
    plan. We are now seeing the final stages of the Watcher wars played out in front of us.
    In the best-selling science fiction book series called The Horus Heresy, the Watcher
    wars are detailed in incredible detail. The guys writing these books are either high level
    masons or part of the intelligence community. Michael was the genetic father of the Tribe of Dan, as he started that bloodline with a female watcher from the planet Hoova.
    You can read hundreds of pages of proof of angels/watchers being physical ETs in
    Andrew Collins book From the Ashes of Angels. Andy and Barry King were good
    friends in the past, and before Andy became famous with his groundbreaking book,
    they performed a ritual in a certain woodland in the UK with another man. Their aim
    was to harness the power of the Watchers, and this they did very effectively to cause
    themselves to go down in the pages of history.
    Just after this, Andy’s book became a bestseller, and Barry King ended up working at
    the AL/499 underground facility in Berkshire and met ETs face to face. The handlers of
    Project Mannequin knew I was coming before I was born, as they viewed my life on the
    Zetan “Looking Glass” technology that is kept at Area 51 and other places. I am briefed
    on every current Looking Glass session by Lincoln, but it does not always get it right.
    The machine only views possible futures.
    At about 10 A.D, the last Pleiadian leader called Plejas left Earth for good because
    Pleiadians finally achieved peace there. They felt it was time for humans to evolve on
    their own. The next Pleiadian spiritual leader on Earth was called Jmmanuel. Michael
    still physically comes to this planet on occasions, as he is now free of his karmic bonds.
    However, his spirit lives in the bodies of his human descendants as walk-ins who carry
    on the Watcher war under his directives.
    “The son becomes the father and the father the son. You shall watch my life through
    you’re eyes, as you’re life shall be watched through mine.”
    Sound familiar? An ancient text known as the Talmud of Jmmanuel was found in 1963
    in a cave in Jerusalem. The ancient scrolls had been encased in tree resin and buried
    for almost two thousand years when they were discovered by Isa Rashid, who was a
    Lebanese priest of the Greek Orthodox Church, and by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, the
    famous man from Switzerland who was visited by Pleiadians on his mountain. There
    has been a huge campaign to discredit Billy Meier, but I can tell you he is 100% the
    real deal.
    The two men have since been persecuted by fundamental religious organisations and
    shadow governments. Isa, who had the original text, had to escape Jerusalem and go
    to Lebanon to avoid assassination and destruction of the scrolls. Most of the text was
    burned and lost in an Israeli air raid on a Lebanese refugee camp in 1974. Isa and his
    family escaped but were later murdered in Baghdad. One quarter of the original script
    had been translated from Aramaic into German by then and mailed to Billy Meier in
    Billy edited and published the German version of the Talmud Jmmanuel in 1975. Billy
    has survived more than a dozen assassination attempts on his life. James Deardorff,
    Professor Emeritus at the Oregon State University, is a stout proponent for the

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    1. Just as Yahweh/Jehova etc all seem like schizophrenic due to having a multiple personality disorder so has Michael been a conglomerate of more than one beings. More than one being has been the leader of the Heavenly army at one point in time or another. It is just a title. It is also why the God of the Abrahamic religions at one time or another seemed good and other times seemed evil. These beings have played many characters and have also made many mistakes. The ones righting the wrongs come as Michael now and the ones who won’t give up control play Lucifer now. An interplay of energies. Creation vs anti-creation. The truth vs the corrupted. Love alone was not enough to raise humans out of all this, but the truth together with the love frequency will do it.


      1. Not my words. It’s copy and paste from that book. I just introduce ideas and information and everyone else can do what they want with it. Sometimes I put my own thoughts and information at the beginning of the posting.


  2. A bit old but the Wave X and other high intensity energies have been bombarding this sector for a while now. This is also part of why the chemtrails have been intensified and they’re rolling out 5G towers…to counteract the frequencies trying to reach humans to help them get past this sticky physical layer as their DNA has been disconnected and they’re stuck in seeing only a very small amount of the frequency layer. The energy that’s crushing this place now is from the central sun. Son of the Sun. This place here has been corrupted and cannot maintain the higher level frequencies and it will get overloaded and burn out. Everything is just an interplay of energies, because energy is all there is. Human shells are mostly empty space…even science proves that. Electromagnetism holding everything together manifested by thought.

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  3. Casbolt – Buried Alive:
    Many missing people end up in these facilities and are used as slave labour and test
    subjects. There is a large underground concentration camp under Salisbury plain in
    Wiltshire. Most of these evil places are built on sacred land, such as Stonehenge, to
    distort the vortex centres. I went to this facility in 2006 (taken there by a Delta special
    forces team by plane) and witnessed some of these martial law experiments.
    One of my former NSA/DOE contacts was named Dean Warwick (who died on stage in
    suspicious circumstances at the Probe International conference in Blackpool). Dean
    worked at the Los Alamos and Alamo Gordo underground facilities in the New Mexico
    desert. Dean also worked at an underground facility in Hawaii. He saw Greys and
    reptilians walking around at the Los Alamos facility and also witnessed human test
    subjects in cages there. Employees at these facilities go through a process known as
    “desensitisation” before they are allowed in the high security areas, where they may
    come across ETs and disturbing tests going on.


    Inanna Hyperluminal:

    “I, Lord Marduk, have long known of your amateur
    covert activities,” Marduk began. “Until now, I did not con-
    sider your feeble dealings worthy of my time, but I have
    found a use for you.”
    Some of the alien thieves were beginning to tremble.
    the ominous images projected around them were making
    them nervous. Most of them were addicted to one chemical
    substance or another, the effects of which were quickly
    wearing off in this atmosphere.
    “Listen up!” Marduk’s red eyes blazed as he noticed his
    captives’ attention drifting. “You will insert yourselves into
    the time period termed by the Earth humans the 1950s.
    With my permission and under my aegis, you will be
    allowed to build genetic experimentation facilities at spe-
    cific underground locations, where you may carry on any
    nefarious activities you like.”
    The raggedy gang perked up at this last pronouncement.
    “My protection will cost you eighty percent of your
    profits. You will accept my terms, or not one of you will ever
    leave this place. And don’t imagine that I intend to relieve
    you of your corporal existence anytime soon. The displays
    on the walls will give you a glimpse of your extended future,
    should you displease me.”
    Disgruntled moaning spread through the line. “Eighty
    percent! Spiffengritz!”
    ”Take it or leave it,” Marduk demanded, a smile cours-
    ing his reptilian lips.
    And so the renegade aliens who were dealing in
    contraband DNA were allowed to build their facilities underneath the Land of the Ellipse, and in other selected
    geographic locations where Marduk had ascertained that
    too much energy was being generated for the upliftment of
    For Marduk this was the perfect solution. Now he
    would balance the scales.


  4. everything is here but very very few have 3 hours of patience…this is one of the very few pieces where there is a definitive distinction explained between the spirit and the soul.. also nowhere else anywhere on the internet is there talk of the An…… won’t type the full word out because the last time Silke F attempted to answer me on that topic her post was deleted..
    🌟 Official Silke F replied: “The animus is a species that replicated earth reality into a simulated clone version and rendered it down into a closed timeline sequence, while the real earth reality is outside of this reality he…”
    13 hours ago


  5. Worth a read if you’re bored…plus several videos in this posting. As he says, they must first tell you what they’re going to do before they do it so they appear to “have your permission” to do it. Read it all, learn it all, then forget about it all lol…none of it truly matters anyways. I post everything here for people to awaken. Do your work and you’ll be alright:



    User ID: 75449790
    United States
    10/11/2018 12:11 AM

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    Greetings fellow GLPers, I hope you’re all having a wonderful evening. It (was)11pm CST here in CHICAGO aka “HOME OF THE DARK SPEAK” (as it is known in reverse) when I threw this thread together. You may have already seen my SPACE MICHAEL JACKSON BIG BEN OCTOBER SURPRISE ATTACK warning video + thread

    It’s become apparent that this “BARBECUE” AKA “THIRD WORLD WAR” false flag event NEEDS to be thoroughly addressed; shedding light on this information MUST be done as “PROTOCOL,” letting you all know what’s going to happen before it takes place. It’s really taking people a while to ACCEPT that all of this SPELLING of the DARK SPEECH is going on, they’re having a real hard time SHARING IT, so I’ve decided to put together 3 very special videos for YOU, the GLP FAMILY, to help SPREAD THE WORD about the coming DESTRUCTION OF THE BIG BEN and TOTAL DOOM that the reverse propaganda says I have “CONJURED” that I’ve “SUMMONED.”

    This first video is what I call the WUSSY WARNING VIDEO. It’s for all you WUSSIES that have WUSSY EARS and WILL NOT llisten to ANY DARK SPEECH for whatever reason. It’s all FORWARDS ya WUSSIES so SHARE IT !!!


    If you’re confused about that even though it’s all already been made public then I’ll leave just four Dark Speech videos at the close of this thread which will explain the details for you and get you up to speed ! Just read the words on the screen as they come along, it’s really not that hard ! You’ll find they flow very easily. For those of you who just CAN’T follow along, you can always freeze-frame the reverse words, spell them out yourself and then read them back as you play the files. It’s the reverse translation; when a song is played backwards into the brain using Neurophone technology and is accurately spelled out in video format as I’ve shown here tonight, it’s what’s known as a “NEW WORLD EDITION” of a classic hit. It’s “ROCK SALAD !” The first of these New World Editions I’ve posted is “GIVE IT AWAY” by the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. It’s about GIVING AWAY THE SECRET. I hope you guys can handle it. It’s about that time. “SUMMER ILLUSION” by fictional rock artist SUPER SONICO comes next. The details on that I won’t bore you with but I downloaded it at the close of summer after the song popped into my head, though I had forgotten the name of the song entirely. I first heard t in 2013-2014. I just “KNEW” I had to get to it and eventually found the song after some time searching through the discography, it wasn’t easy. The third song is the popular “VALLEY GIRL” by Frank Zappa sung by his daughter Moon-Unit Zappa, a satirical song about an airhead girl, “JEWISH PRINCESS” kinda thing. After that is the LAMB CHOP puppet show intro (both) of which one contains a very peculiar SODOMY CODE sung forwards; the reverse is quite revealing.


    1. A soul. You have one. Aug you have a soul. If you want one. What you know and tell us (Tellez) is how hard you live to tell us how fhg’d up it has been to have a heart here. Some of us know that. You are braver than most. I love you Brother!

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    2. Souls are another level to the trap. An etheric envelope created by the beings that recycle you from the astral. The soul level traps the you…the spirit which is the actual vessel for the consciousness/Will. If you think heaven is on the astral and the soul is from God then you will fall right back into the trap.

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        1. I’ve laid out everything about me on this site over the past 2 years. Nothing’s a mystery. If people won’t do their homework then their being stuck in the trap is not my problem.


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