If everyone forgets at the same time, no one remembers.

33 thoughts on “Unison

  1. UFO’s, Aliens, Men in Black, Government conspiracies and agendas. Like many people, Tom Keating thought that those things were the product of delusional minds and crackpots and was a skeptic himself until he met Spencer, a real Man in Black who was an elite insider who reveals on his death bed the horrifying truth to the Alien Agenda. After Spencer passes on, Tom is compelled to reveal to the world a dire warning to mankind of the pending danger from an elite organization that rules every aspect of Human Activity.

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  2. Seems everyone is waiting for the return. Beware of who you trust in terms of the “return”. The true beings will not come into the physical as it’s too dangerous. Blue beam will be putting in overtime soon.


    Zen Kobane (OP)

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    04/22/2011 03:36 PM
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    Re: Our ANCESTORS are coming and only a 1/3rd of us will survive
    And who or what get to decide who is worthy of being the 1/3rd to survive and the 2/3rds to die? Governments? Groups with agendas, People who are racist? A God who is fair? Because if it is going to wipe out children willy nilly and people who live good lives that are kind to all but do not follow such-and-such religion then count me in with the 2/3rds dead as I would not want part in anything evil that is not what this earth was meant for.rant
    Quoting: saywhat 1330553

    Its not about right or wrong, its about which lineage your blood leads too.

    You and all, are simply stuck in a war between two species…

    The forefathers are coming to fix the plague and cure this planet one last time of the rabies that the imposters have spread.

    Nobody has a choice, the mighty forefathers choose who survives. Its their choice that decides our fate.

    The books, all of them talk about the same thing, just edited and modified by the ones in power right now to keep us in dark.

    Our forefathers are coming back, in vengeance, because the planet is finally ready for them, as they had always known. Mayans, Hindus, jews, we have all known, just confused by the previous war’s winner.

    Environment was used against them, this time, its in favour, be prepared.
    In randomness lies the absolute oddity. As far as Im concerned, life happened on this planet due to one fortunate oddity.
    Is it a beginning of the end
    Or an end to the beginning…



    1. Adam would you be able to visit him and see if his energy is good or not? Since you both live in the UK it’s easier for you. I’ve read that in private he’s not actually that nice to be around, but then again anything can be said of anyone. I trust your judgement. I’ve posted my dream/vision of David years ago:

      (This was over 6 years ago…I am no longer hiding)

      I will relate from one part of my dream only. I was in this house. I kept hearing reports of a strange anomaly above David Icke when he gave his speeches. When I looked at a radar it showed a storm and in the middle a big red energy vortex that came to a point just inside him, ie descending down. Then for some reason he was inside the house. he seemed nice at first, but then started to get agitated. I mentioned the radar pictures to him. He didn’t like that. We kept talking back and forth and eventually he got really mad. I told him I know what he is, then he showed his true self, sprouted horns reptile eyes etc. We wrestled and got down on the floor, I had him pinned down. He grew very strong. Then he told me that he was the anti-christ. I looked at him and due to physical hesitation/fear and the fact that I’m hiding from everyone I only whispered in his ear, and I’m part of the Christ Light. At which point my eyes showed this white/crystal energy emanating from a small rotating circles inside. The eyes are the windows to the soul. I got very strong as well. I told him that the red energy above him on the radar was his negative energy which he used to hypnotize the masses with, and that those people are all just robots requiring input from an outside source. He laughed. I tried ripping his head off but only managed to snap some bones in his neck. We continued to lay on the floor with me holding him down. Then my dream ended. This was a very vivid dream, felt 100% real. Just like Jesus at the age of 27 awakening and at 30 A-Itu descending on him, I’m starting to awaken to my true self more and more I just turned 27.


  3. No fear of the black and red dragons. They’re nothing. Stare fear in the face and laugh. The guardians of the construct are nothing. Your mind is greater.


  4. Listen to the lyrics. No other band has captured the truth as well as Disturbed has. They’re channeling something for sure. Especially their “The Vengeful One” video.


  5. If you think I’m joking or LARPing…I can tell you I’ve studied and lived the hidden side of this false light realm and am a part of a being that’s not here to help continue this suffering. This was 7 years ago yet I was talking about this with people 10+ years ago. You’ve had enough chances to awaken and work on yourselves.

    User ID: 14708277
    05/28/2012 05:40 PM

    And Yet Amitakh is Right

    Look around you…the system is decaying from the lack of energy to sustain it. The world is turning upside down. This hellhole is getting worse and worse, it’s only still beautiful to those demonics who come from a place 10x worse. Listen to your heart, if you have any light left in you then meditate and stick to being a good person, become anti-social if you have to but just stay away from negative influences. IT IS HARD, even the best of us get temptations. You’re not alone.

    Trust in the light,
    And the light shall be your shield!

    Watching and Waiting
    Front Line Warrior


    Anonymous Coward (OP)
    User ID: 14708277
    05/28/2012 06:09 PM

    Re: And Yet Amitakh is Right

    Things may seem impossible to comprehend. The lies are so great that any thought outside the “norm” seems like a fairy tale. I’ve seen all sides of this curtain pulled over ones eyes. But, once you awaken even a bit…there’s no stopping you. You just can’t shake off the feeling that something is “wrong” here. They tell you to conform. I tell you to free your mind, free your self, then free each other. Don’t think of yourself when you try to pull away from this system, the ego will play on that aspect and pull you back in. Just say this: My family needs me, I die with honour if need be, but I go out as a warrior for truth!

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