If everyone forgets at the same time, no one remembers.

33 thoughts on “Unison

    1. As the holo-matrix runs out and as the pressure from Michael’s energy crushes this false light matrix trap this place will behave more and more erratically until it all falls apart. I have been saying for years for people to be ready spiritually as it will be quite a ride.

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  1. Want to see more of the brutality of this ugly place? Watch the video of the two young girls in Morocco as they’re beheaded by Muslim scum. Their religion was also created for fear and extraction of maximum energy from trapped humans. I watched it. Very graphic. There’s a reason they have been kept as slaves to that religion and with no chance to grow and evolve past it. This way their backwards ideology can be prevalent even in “modern” times. This sector with burn by Michael and if anyone stands in the way you’re going to be treated just as the enemy that has trapped the innocent here.


  2. Yeah, the more I learn and think I just come back to the fact that no-one remembers anything. The loss or wiping of memories is key to all of this. Nothing from Chaos or Evil would be achievable without us have such memory loss. No-one knows what or who they are. How crazy is that? A living being denied such basic understanding about themselves. So we’re left with paedophiles and sodomites educating us all.

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    1. What seems is they reverse of what you came to do … and when you start to intuit or to remember..that is one more trouble for lifes. it’s easier … lighter not remember..not question your intuitions ..parece um jogo..


    2. Indeed, well said. Bringing in here Augs post about the 2017 Robert redford film , the Discovery. He said the elite manors, castles etc, are decked out in advanced Tesla scalar technology, for consciousness transfer and more. And a Controlled Death is given to someone wearing some kind of protective hat, or maybe its just the technology in the room, not the electrode hat. But via this controlled death, the consciousness evades whatever sinister construct is out there above us, Saturn and the Moon being suspects. Saturns rings. The MEMORY WIPING which is what its all about isn’t it. The interesting question is, why isn’t, and when will the controlled death advanced technology the so called ”elites” keep to themselves, when will the ENTIRE NHS be geared kitted out towards this? Helping the dying to retain their memories and be truly immortal?

      Another question issue. Is this Saturnian whether Annunaki or AI or Draco or whatever memory wiping quarantine infrastructure getting disabled as some claim in these awakening times?

      There are many interesting questions.

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  3. …🌟 Official Silke F replied: “The animus is a species that replicated earth reality into a simulated clone version and rendered it down into a closed timeline sequence, while the real earth reality is outside of this reality he…”
    13 hours ago

    she replied to my message and it’s deleted..

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    1. they probably had tentacles. certain things here, like octopus, spiders, tentacle looking appendages, creep me out. Just like those creatures on Stranger Things. no no no


      1. Its nice to see the interactive conversational Aug interacting here, however briefly. I don’t say this in any guru worship type sense. Im very much in possession of my own energy, higher self Christos Spirit pure energy Holy Spirit coming down with no paraphernalia and churches and crap or new age distractions. And you’ve said on a video somewhere this type of thing, many videos, like reject door A, flames of hell reject door B, torture chambers. Politics offerings. <ale our own Door C and walk through that.

        Nevertheless its nice to see your interactive site. Im glad to see you look well on your recent videos


        1. I highly recommend you read the Inanna returns and Inanna Hyperluminal books they’re very good. Intervowen with a storyline they address a great deal of the situation and speak to your spirit. It asks…can tyrants be forgiven as a theme. As its about the why and how of this place and whether the law of one pertains to even Marduk and his trap.

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            1. I’m HDD like and can’t focus on one thing for long so I’m reading like 10 things at once. The beginning of Hyperluminal is a bit dry but it does go into good information after the first little bit. She seems to know things about these beings that she shouldn’t unless she really was a part of Inanna/Isis or channels them. The Returns book is more about setting the stage in the ancient times, but really it’s more so about the “why” we are in this mess vs the how. She confirms what Guinevere said in http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/Feedback-on-Wayne-Bush-Interview-with-Man-Who-Met-A-Demiurge-During-NDE.html that Jehova/Anu created the game, but Marduk usurped it and became a tyrant for extracting the fear energy to feed off of as the game got darker and darker. Now, the trapped Annunaki beings have projected parts of themselves into people to try to help awaken the latent divine energies inherent in human shells so that they can see the game and vibrate past it and out of it. Of course, I know this isn’t the whole truth but more of a learning booklet about paradigms and what happens when you trespass on freewill….there are consequences.

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