Space Time Net

From MK

Humans are “Electrical Beings” that walk around wearing a biological suit with an “Organic Computer for their Brain”.

Your “Soul is Memory”. Which without you don’t exist. This 3-Realm can be seen in a number of different ways concerning the “False Space Time Continuum” tricking the little Hobbits with “The Grand Illusion”. The price of admission to the magic theater is of course your mind! To see the “Spaces In-Between”, said Lovecraft. To be or not to be is the question?

Humpty Dumpty asks Alice, “what’s your name”? Your “Electrical Signature” reveals your “True Identity”.

The Crown bows to the Heart and discovers a hidden Key. “Mystery of Mystery’s”, said the Blind Man.

Each of you in this class are getting real close to a profound truth regarding your incarnation into this hell hole! Ascension means your coming up out of the box or grave. All of you are being called back home. Doesn’t mean your going to die right away. But it does mean your no longer controlled by “Deep State Programming”.

You can see behind the curtain understanding for once that it’s all “Make Believe”. Behind the “Green Door” is the Beast 666 Matrix which is operated by A.I. Systems that feeds data to Vault 7.

President Trump last month activated a “Global Intelligence Gathering System” connected to Jade Helm and the “Mapping of the Human Domain”.

Earth is being attacked by a hostile and implacable Alien Civilization from another dimension. The “Watchers” reported back to MOM and she decided to help “Her Children” from the “Big Bad Wolf”!

Many fake humans walking among you that were created by the Aliens. Note: Human Clones are perfect biological copies of existing humans, complete with “Transplanted Memories” and do not know they’re clones! The Entertainment Industry are loaded with them too.

Almost all world leaders and CEOs have been cloned. Boy’s become girl’s and girl’s become boy’s. CIA “Face Off Programs”. Right brain left brain. Two peas in a pod. Each a thief robbing the host of free will blocking communication with Spirit. Hence you’re cut off from “Source”. Once you understand the purpose of mind parasites and demon programs that constantly attack the thought processes it’s like getting over a head cold. Blow your nose and be done with it!

Love has always been the correct answer. When you say no to evil it will have no power over you which restores “Lost Memories” pertaining to Alpha Omega GOD Codes. Nothing exists outside of the Circle. We’re making a new movie and it’s going to be called “It’s Your Story”. Which is the “Greatest Story Ever Told”! Your “Spirit” is ageless! Please don’t cut yourself off from “Source”. Your credit score does not define who and what you truly are as a “Free Spirit”! The Matrix lies and feeds the “Ego Virus”.

9 thoughts on “Space Time Net

  1. This message touches deep into our souls, affirming our spiritual organic nature. Aug, your loving encouragement is making a difference. As you assist humanity and wake people up, we are strengthened. Thank you


  2. I just thought of MK, as a few sayings of his keep repeating in my mind in this time. I’ve not seen his post since leaving Facebook and wondered if he had info anywhere else yet. “A little girl will save the world”. I had asked him to check on you once, Aug, when so many were worried about your health😊


      1. Ah, yes it is. Feel free to delete my comment/question, since it’s moot lol. I blame missing seeing “From MK” on my niacin flush lol… but I do thank you, brother. Took me a bit (a long time) to interact here. How funny my first (interaction) ends up being a mistake, when there ~are none.
        When I used to use FB I ‘interacted’ with MK… We are here now, us real. No more words. Feel free to delete :)


  3. Beautifully said. I just want to go home and relax. I will pour all my energy into now and then recharge after once this is all over. Everyone is weary of what has happened here and I will take responsibility for it. It should never have happened. Go home and relax go home and feel love again as this place has none for you. If I showed you the true brutality of this place would that be enough or word the lower mind still trick you to stay here and fight for a place that is nothing but a place to drain you till nothing is left. Go home. Rest. Don’t stop, don’t be fooled. No matter how you go. Just go. Honour and respect to those that still hold onto their Will.

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