A Teslian Twist of Freedom

What if the individual groups are too big to be forced to fit in a ‘one size fits all’ system and as a result we feel caged, categorized and minimized? What if it’s a Teslian system and only when the two opposites, ‘two enemies’ see each other through a common goal is freedom?

3 thoughts on “A Teslian Twist of Freedom

  1. Somehow that Teslian duality seems in conflict with the state of being of joy, if soul is freed? If freed, the dialectic unnecessary? Perhaps (since the god concept’s false, they’re fallen and there’s one creator) until defined dimensions are surpassed, this paradigm exists? And the most high likely not need morph self into being at once also a craft (etymology of that word includes practice of a _ _ _ _ _). I am reminded of the DMT intelligence, pure love… like when we trip out thinking of infinity, the lack of it/nothingness. That Pii…
    An aside, looking at the image for that video posted above, and thinking about symbology. ‘Crosswalks’. Bands of lines. The cat experiment and vision.


  2. The only problem with all these protests is this is what the ones in power actually want. They need excuses to push forward with other phases of their agenda.


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