Ghost the Past

Don’t let the past hold you back and make you a ghost here.

Maybe it’s that if we fully manifest here in materialism we become a ghost in the spiritual.

Maybe this isn’t actually a ‘game’, or a ‘prison’, it’s a process and like any other process there is an amount of devotion of energy and resources required for the completion of the process.

If we allow fear or distraction to slow us down and take up our mind to reduce our options then this threatens the process by disrupting the 5D ‘painting’ of feeling and intent in life. That painting is a ‘proof’ of soul, if you will, and regardless of how, that is where the difference is shown.

Not having a soul in that sense doesn’t mean people have devoted energy to one system or another, it means that specifically all their energy that would otherwise be applied towards their own self awareness is applied to someone else’s benefit.

Not knowing one’s own name and identity is synonymous with not knowing where their energy is going and what they are doing.

If we have to complete our knowledge of self then this is something like a unique plant or landscape that is only visible from one perspective in that unique manner. Each one, depending on how you feel, can be as unique as the most unique one.

Every action and feeling we have to look back on. This occurs naturally if we allow it here. If we ignore everything in life, then we are forced to see it in ways that we would choose to avoid if possible. That is the destiny of the one who doesn’t know themselves out of willful ignorance. They do know themselves, and it’s not what they would like.

The mysterious humor here is that everyone’s initial envisioning of life and self is probably more imaginative than accurate. The body and brain can seemly be loosely accurate, or using ‘fuzzy logic’ systems to ‘draw’ in the connections between partially perceived logical analysis of systems through the recognition of similarities and differences in streams of information and perception.

10 thoughts on “Ghost the Past

  1. Here’s how this will all play out. They will let it get to the final stage and everything will seem hopeless as carnage will fill the world. They will then introduce the Alien elements and pretend the saviours are here to put a stop to it all and bring humanity together under one common goal and unite them in peace. They’re doing this so humanity as a whole will say they accept these parasitic usurpers as their leaders and that no free-will has been broken and these beings then can control overtly rather than covertly as they do now and have been for a very long time. This may all be in your mind as this is a mind construct, but the players are real and so is the death sentence for those lost. Once the mind is lost here it will die in the real world. Your higher self will be lobotomized every time it will lose a part of itself to this false light matrix trap. The real saviours are fighting only on the higher levels and will not come down here…the few who have, we only do to bring down the clearing energy and truth. You must pull yourself up out of this sticky mire and reconnect to your higher self. Only then will you see the truth and then can go home. Simple.

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      1. I care for you. Same as for Adam and all the others who are doing what needs to be done. I seem cold as someone has to be the to confront this head on. When I first came in I was full of love loving everyone and I realized it only left me vulnerable. Shutting off my emotions made me overzealous in a way. There has to be a fine balance. This will be the only time I will say this. Stay strong.

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  2. They’re pushing the people closer and closer to a third world war…one that will be man against man instead of country against country. They want infighting and civil war. Trust me…this all will end very ugly indeed. If by then your consciousness is not prepared…once the total depravity of darkness’ full might is shown it will be too late. I can guarantee you it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. The ones in France protesting Macron have the right idea, but the wrong timing. It’s already too late to fight it. Once the people rise up then the “dictators” in power will squash it. Having Muslims and Africans mix with Europeans…it’s like Oil and Water…it will not work and will also lead to insane savagery on the streets. This was all by design and I’ve pointed this out to people years in advance. These beings playing the games are primitive as most of them are just hybrid garbage with no creative constructs to guide them…but their brutality is real none-the-less:

    They lied: The UN Migration Pact IS legally binding and could be valid FOR ALL countries

    For months proponents of the UN Migration Pact told us that the pact was non-binding. The response to the many citizens of nation states worldwide having signed country specific petitions was that it was non-binding so there was nothing to worry about, it was going to be good.

    The immensely opposed and disastrous document declares unlimited migration to be treated as a human right, thereby deprecating the term ‘illegal migrants’, and criminalises any criticism of migration as hate speech.

    The points that raised alarm for most was that it seeks to eliminate all forms of dissent. Media organisations for example, should they criticise anything to do with migration would lose access to state funding. People would be labelled as racists or guilty of hate speech which will now be criminalised. This pact will literally erase our borders.

    The question I’ve been asking is if the countries that refused to sign, are they still bound to it being members of the UN. Most people were of the mind that it would only affect the signatories.

    Now we know. In a frank exchange with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. Hebner of the AfD drew out an admission that it is, in fact, legally binding. As well, that it will be adopted as rule for all UN Member states once enacted.

    Mr. Hebner asks: “You can see for yourself clearly that during the conference, the spokesperson for Morocco emphasised that the agreement was legally binding. He said clearly, in a literal sense, that there is a corresponding legal bond for all nations taking part as well as an obligation of implementation. You and your delegation did not raise a single word of objection to that statement but idly accepted it. I would like to emphasise that the parliamentary motion was not presented at the conference. “


    1. Seeing as its all about getting our consent one way or another. This is the one thing that crops up in Thomas Williams’ shows my antenna felt was strange and wrong. Going on about migration, and ”how can you be an illegal alien on your own planet” stuff. Ive also seen things that the UN migratory pact, on the net, is null and void but that’s clearly not the case.
      Seeing family and small nephew again, creates a sense of dread and blackness, how they don’t know whats coming, and another black wave of realisation enters deep into my heart peeling back another layer, just what this realm really is. This is a time to go within, read the inspiring words and links on this blog, and try to transmute the sickness realisation feeling inside.

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      1. Learning to let go is the hardest part in turning inwards. I don’t have those attachments so for me overcoming fear was my only obstacle which I did not long ago. If I were to leave tomorrow I’d know that those that are to come with me are the only ones I’d need to care about and the rest never truly existed in the first place.

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        1. Families, kids, grandkids, fears and desperation of the loss. Absolutely the hardest thing to balance. I can see why many who are here for disclosing this info don’t have these ties. I can also see that losses I’ve had in this life have been to prepare me for such. I see things different now. Going from open empathy towards all, to completely shutting down all emotion and now, more of a balanced (for the most part) state. Most of what I now know, I couldn’t put in words so I won’t try. Information would only be degraded by my doing that! Aug and a few others are very special to me!!


    2. French generals are making their feelings known

      Re how these protests are significantly shaped by how non-native populations are being given a great deal of the economic resources, leaving less for the native French

      On a site supporting the yellow vests, there is published a letter signed by 11 French generals, an admiral and a former minister of defence, against the UN ‘pact on migration’ that was signed at the beginning of the week, enshrining migration as a ‘human right’ and demanding the suppression of anti-migrant media

      The generals cite how 80% of French people – most all the indigenous people – wish to stop migration … and they speak of the ‘impossibility of integration’ of the ‘extra-European’ populations

      Général Antoine MARTINEZ

      Charles MILLON – Ancien Ministre de la Défense

      Général Marc BERTUCCHI

      Général Philippe CHATENOUD

      Général André COUSTOU

      Général Roland DUBOIS

      Général Daniel GROSMAIRE

      Général Christian HOUDET

      Général Michel ISSAVERDENS

      Amiral Patrick MARTIN

      Général Christian PIQUEMAL

      Général Daniel SCHAEFFER

      Général Didier TAUZIN


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