Disrupted Comfort Inversion

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  1. In terms of Aug being labeled a Live Action Roleplayer by those “moderators”…most movements have been infiltrated and on top of that this is a multi=consciousness inhabited false light matrix with many background decorations playing people that don’t exist. They will defend this illusion with their very lives as this is all they know….to them this is all that exists and when the plug will be pulled, just like in a holo-deck, these beings will cease to exist as they won’t have an avatar outside the matrix. as their mantra says YOLO.

    As Michael is back this plug will be pulled shortly.

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  2. I’ve never heard of LARPing before I just looked it up. A new label idea for me to grasp. My grasp understanding of what it is is, people pretending to be what they’re not. Whether for nefarious CIA and Tel Aviv and more, lying disinfo sowing confusion reasons. Or simply sad people wanting to pretend to be something they’re not and muddy the waters via their need for attention and narcissism . Aug has no trace of this LARP energy at all which I know we all agree with. Therefore it says a lot about GLP and also Divine Cosmos moderation comment boards and GaiaTV and what they are and instant need to jump in labelling Aug a LARP. Thomas Williams has pointed out some interesting things on his Spreaker show about DW/CG that make sense, and he refers to the blue avians as blue chickens.


    1. I posted links on here not long ago about who really runs GLP…airforce intelligence and MK Ultra related Tavistock and Stanford Research think tanks.



        MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009
        Why are there so many CIA/NSA/USAF and MILITARY SPOOKS ON GLP?
        Lots of people have made the connection that Jason Lucas aka ^TrInItY^ is actually the deputy director of an Air Force project called “TENA”…

        How long Trinity has worked for the USAF is unclear, probably ever since he moved to Shalimar.

        TENA might explain why there are so many CIA and NSA and Chemtrail spooks on GLP… TENA might just be the backend architecture used to connect the Disinfo agents and Government spooks together… It might be the same technology used to connect Stanford Research Institute & Tavistock with the Department of Defense & GLP…



    2. They posit scenarios into the GLP forum and then gauge the reactions of the “alternative” crowd to see how they will react in real life to situations and how best to “herd” them like the conspiracy sheep they can be.

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  3. And Blair, Nicola Sturgeon and others no doubt too . WordPress censorship!

    www dot dublinsmickdotwordpressdotcom/2013/05/08/hitler-was-a-rothschild-and-so-was-his-daughter-angela/


  4. Ding ding ding we have a weiner. At least someone gets it. This explains the Mandela effect nicely.

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    01/17/2018 01:45 AM
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    Re: Why are people avoiding talking about our WHITE SUN that was once a yellow orange color?????
    The answer is that YOU are from the earth located in the outer tip of the Arm of Sagittarius, where the sun is a warm, golden yellow.

    However, your consciousness has been shifted to this parallel earth located in the Orion Spur, some 75,000 lightyears on the other side of the galactic core of the Milky Way galaxy.

    Hence, the Mandela Effect – remembering things that Orioners don’t remember (such as the yellow sun).

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    1. I remember Hitler’s eyes being dark brown and his hair black yet recently I “learned he had black hair but blue eyes….”.

      It always made me go wtf why would he be a proponent of blonde hair and blue eyes when he looked nothing like them and don’t tell me its in my mind when I studied him a lot in my younger days.


    2. Wilcock did amaze me back in 2013 his source field investigation lecture, describing 2 beakers of water, one with salamander DNA in the other just water. Laser shone through both caused DNA replication in the 2nd beaker just via the laser alone. That knocked me out.


      1. I remember the Berenstein bears and many other things that people in this “reality” don’t. I guess I was one of those transported shortly after 2000 or around there. Programming doesn’t work on my mind.


    1. Aug have you ever thought of going on David Wilcock’s show? You seem to know things much more in-depth than he does he only seems to skim the surface. It’d be interesting to see his face as you unveil some of the truths to him and his reaction to it all. Tbh, Corey Goode and Emery Smith seem more believable than Wilcock. The problem with Wilcock is he comes off looking too goofey and not serious enough…like he takes it all as a joke. For example the Wilcock dance that everyone was making fun of:

      Contrasting him with Edgar Cayce…when you look into Cayce’s eyes it goes so deep. He had a lot of spiritual depth to him.

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        1. Not to make him look bad but to get your point out across to millions. Your depth in explaining things is much more than he has. He is a good showman and can attract people but you need a better forum than these sites. Once the info is out there the truth will work it’s magick.


          1. He appeals to a certain group. Uses language they would connect with easier. An entry level showman for this all. i watched them to begin with, then I moved on😊

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            1. He is entertaining :D
              Yep I’ve watched him a bit, but I find that this whole thing is a bit too serious of a subject. He’s got a bit of a new agey vibe which turned me off. I joke around a bit on here, but I do take all this to heart and know what’s at stake.

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            2. Wouldn’t David Icke or Wes Penre be great intro sources? I’ve found that they condense all their work into one or two books or in Wes’s case into one gigantic site all laid out. With Wilcock it’s hard to follow him as his information is spread out all over the place. My initial awakening to this place being a hologram was David Icke’s book Tales from the Time Loop and that’s all it took…even though I’ve seen a lot and have read a ton even before him…but for some reason his one book was all it took. Like an awakening code. After Icke I found the Xee-a Twelve site and devoured that information reading everything over and over…this was about 12 years ago, but I had my occult and other many weird experiences starting from about 17 years ago.


              1. They claim on the godlike productions site as well that everything we know and say and do is LARPing oithat way they can dismiss it as fantasy. Delusions. That’s a CIA tactic so people won’t take it seriously. This is why I’ve been flooding this site with info and links and let the people make up their own minds.


        2. I see some differences between what you put out and what these other SSP people put out. Is it because you’re the uncontrolled version of the truth and they are the controlled “leakers” of truth but still part of the control system? It’s not hard to see that you’re going in a more spiritual direction yet they’re all about technology…they don’t understand the actual control structure here on EArth and who truly rules it. I’ve seen the darkness head on and when they dismiss Lucifer and these other elongated skull beings as being the Annunaki and not being able to go in depth abut who these beings are it leads people down a path of dismissiveness and onto the other boogeymen presented. Would this then explain why you don’t collaborate with mainstream SSP people and only stay in the shadows as the ones who’re mainstream are usually controllers of information. I’m not one of those blind sheep that just follows someone like a drooling puppy, like a groupy, and never questions anything. If someone ceases to question things here they’re already lost.


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