Dark Energy Mind

Right feeling to action is self awareness. Thought became the novelty. A wondering, wandering, trance apart from the whole knowledge of one’s feeling.

These are parameters for reality, for the literal ‘bubble’ of reality you can interact with, in time, theme, interaction, sentience, mentality and collective experience.

The focus of the dark research projects were to gain information on how this methodology could be used against this civilization. This not only got out of control for everyone who interacted with it, it opened up energies and interactions for the civilization that have been kept at a minimum through efforts across the grid.

Each country agreed to participate in a project that would separate one would from another and through this initiate a rejoining of two fractured versions of humanity.

The dark research projects opened up scars to the ‘time space’ membrane which means that dark energy ‘themes’ slip into the regular ‘processing feed’. This must be controlled because the power is both caustic and exponentially greater than non ‘advanced’ methods.

These are being healed. They cannot come in and integrate, without then having to be healed to get them out. Their bonds are dissolved and they are expelled like parasites. If it were immediate it would be over already. This was done to ensure that there would be a battle between higher dimensional forces as a requisite for human liberation. The trauma from that feeds the process so everything is done out of sight as that is the only way until people are capable of separating the fears that they don’t understand and the fears that they do.

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