Who’s God [is It?] Anyway?

The multiple lives can be positioned around a central hub like a merry go round.

This would be a core intelligence that could act as a home base through which outer facets can find correspondence and thus a frequency of security allocation and oversight.

Only through such an infrastructure could such an operation be successful. This will take the cooperation of nearly everyone in history.

If a bunch of groups try to start up again, then this will go until all of our souls are drowned out in decoherence. There are no other options for transtemporal resolve that result in successful liberation for humanity in this epoch. We get tossed back and forth like pinballs in a grinder and ultimately the dominant guidance group is leaving this sector and there will be no informational retrieval or recording of lives and memories.

AKA, for those who continue to operate in an erroneous manner, they will go to page one of the ‘soul trap’, ‘time matrix’ (AKA HISTORY) and have to live it all over again. The only difference is that this time there will be no groups who attained the knowledge based on what happened in this particular universe (accelerated awareness). This means that instead of going, “hey, we’re humans, we’re all hyperevolved, why are there all these stupid animals.”, we go, “oh hi monkey, see you later lizard.” and evolve all like we should have, all like was intended for our sorry asses, all like is right and good. And then we take 9*12 times longer to get to the position we’re in now and sure we have a bunch of other friends and we’re all just the same level of intelligence.

However, that changes us to something we are currently not. We are not a race that evolved along side others, we went through a very unique process, if you will. To go back and reset everything to the ‘normal’ universe, if anyone has memories of what happened here, it will be erased by the new. If anyone doesn’t erase their memories, they’ll have thousands of years of ‘animal house’ and ‘let’s go hide in the caves’ before they see an ipad again.

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