True Malice

I am only doing my part to kill the ego that stops my from telling the whole truth and coming to final conclusion and neutrality with all my life’s oppression and self defamation.

Whatever I am giving to you, whatever you are seeing, that, to me, is what I see in you when I think that what is powering me is a higher power.

With this power we have the ability to ebb and flow in ways that a more rigid, vertical consciousness is not formatted as.

In that, you can move diagonally across the realms, and you can do this in a stochastic motion that slip streams all binary intelligence interactions attempting to utilize one’s energy (feelings, mind) through manipulation.

To do this one would effectively become a barrage of shoulders, a flailing tail of a coat, the end of a shoe and the top of a hat all moving in different directions, dimensions of shrinking and expanding, and folding out, in and across in ways that are no longer relatively limited by the three dimensional rules of this plane.

You have always had this capacity, you have just forgotten what the pattern looks like. It is your duty to hide this pattern internally and utilize externally disguised parameters to adhere to the hidden, truth, compassion, self awareness, free will, higher consciousness based, self knowledge so that the predatory AI will not intercept your feelings and use your reality, including any participants in it, against the goal of mental liberation from our oppressive ‘demonic’ (out of phase, outdated reality coping mechanisms that induce a continual recurrence of the very experience they are empowered to avoid) paradoxical addiction to submission and suffering as long as it feeds our egos and our victimhood mentality.

It’s time to stand up and no longer sit and watch what is happening to our minds based upon our ability to cope with or reject the victimhood role that we have been tricked into playing out of kindness for our oppressors.

5 thoughts on “True Malice

  1. As it should be when it will be. Perhaps it is forgotten memory that chides me into the flow of imagery although seen as if through the fog, I am sovereign.

    Choose well, be well in our kindness.


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