Thought Machine Matrix

Every thought can be replaced through a device.

That system can reposition perceptions and thought processes to recreate any moment.

The physical sensations, pleasures, pains, comfort, panic, anger, emotions, etc etc, these can all be reordered to fit any scene.

The idea is that right now there could be two people having a conversation with each other in a house.

One person sees a field with a tall blonde friend talking about the environment, while the other person sees another scene where they are on an icy mountain pass, talking about how they are going to get back down.

Both see two completely different scenes. The truth of either is that they could be in a stationary position in a kind of holographic mind entrainment system or they could even be technically asleep within a virtual reality system.

This kind of technology makes it so that we only have one chance to get out of the fake reality or that’s it.

The fake reality could be everything and anything that happens before or after this, including dreams or visions of experiences.

Memories can also be seamlessly altered.

The other point is that this is all about the [b]reprobate mind clause[/b].

This is related to abuse, decoherence and deception.

They either can’t stop being tricked and thus opening up portals for demonic entities to target humans in this world or they simply can’t turn away from the desire that does the above in application.

The system that can record and reorder thoughts to use the same information to recreate different ‘world overlays’ is also capable of replaying those events and recreating an artificial ‘observer’ aspect as a matrix of experience.

This then becomes an artificial soul and this can be used to create replicated personalities that are closer to the original.

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