I do not speak on this.

You have been hit over the head 32 times a second for the past 2000 years. This is a split project between a low orbit satellite (or in at electrogravitically stabilized altitude).

During one experiment, the beam was disconnected and I immediately began remembering hundreds of data points of information, feeling, memory, acknowledgement, self awareness, and general hyperdetailed awareness.

This was not stimulation or excitement of any form. There is some specific form of scalar weaponry literally causing a “30 to 50 IQ” point drop to any human brain in the network.

The beam was reactivated because we were right outside of a hot zone and if there is any disruption in the system, drones are dispatched immediately.

It feels exactly the same as the immediate after effect from a concussive impact.

If this is true, this explains some of the changes happening.

By this, I mean that you are finally being freed from your electrogravitic mind control fence.


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