You are Now Observing

In the same sense that people were ‘hidden’ “quarantined”, now you are seen. Do what you would do if the whole world is watching. There is great potential, however you must look into yourself and know what you see.

28 thoughts on “You are Now Observing

      1. 5:35 into this vid. He’s not Raw…Ra…totally. Genetically he’s been made to appear as Ra. Or, as Ra would appear to humans now. They’re forcing the acceptance of these “gods” on the modern day humans by trying to suggest these beings were just humans with extra ordinary potential in the past. Wrong, these beings were not human and were not of this dimension fully. Ra was a golden shining being with translucent skin and glowing eyes, wore and hood and a cape to cover himself most of the time…he vibrated at 0,5-1 level/density higher when he emanated on this plane last time.


  1. What is The Matrix?
    School or prison, depending on your chosen perspective.
    On the one hand, it is a hyperdimensional teaching system accelerating your rate of spiritual evolution by providing you with catalytic experiences in response to your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual composition.

    On the other hand, many of these experiences manifest as predatory forces

    preying upon your weaknesses.
    Of course, the only way to prevent being manipulated by these forces is to discover, integrate, and transform your weaknesses into strengths, thereby indirectly accomplishing the higher purpose of the Matrix which is to help you transcend it.

    Nevertheless, these hyperdimensional predatory forces possess freewill and have their own agenda, which is to expand their power base and sustain themselves by feeding upon humanity’s emotional energies as well as keeping anyone from becoming aware enough to add destabilizing influences to the spiritual prison/farm they are running here on earth.
    The total sum of their hyperdimensional manipulation system can be termed the “Matrix Control System” – a school of hard knocks that weakens the spiritually weak and strengthens the spiritually strong, in accordance with their choice to be victims or warriors.

    from Montalk

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  2. This is why they do their chaos magick…aka Hollywood brainwashing and imagery magick on everyone constantly. As in the matrix movie…they can’t allow most to escape the belief system and reject this false Maya hologram or it would come crashing down without its nuclear power plants driving it….humans and other captured spirits. I’ve known all this for a long time, was born semi-awake and rejected this false reality as well having been reborn with a different warrior spirit walk-in I’m doing my part to wake people up but my true nature is one of cleansing this place. Golden dragon, divine fire.


    Long ago, the Original Organic and Divine Human Body Form – the physical body that we (as Earth Humans) use to inhabit while living in “3-D” – was given a Reptilian based genetic DOWNGRADE!

    Many strands of our DNA Genetic Code were totally dis-connected from the single primary strands in order to dis-connect “us” from the Great Cosmic Intelligence, which as immortal and eternal souls, we had always been connected to.

    They did this, so that we as a “complete group” would accept their MIND CONTROL programs, and once that was achieved, they began to compel us to very actively behave in ways that were quite destructive to both ourselves and to our planet.

    This was a NECESSITY because they needed us to behave in very low vibrational ways in order to achieve a very controlled and illusionary “reality” which could not have happened otherwise!

    This is because what we call “our reality” is a collectively created, and very “changeable” or “moldable” day to day magical (magnetical) and illusory environment, which can literally move back up the scale toward extremely HIGH VIBRATIONS if not totally monitored and controlled DAILY to keep it from doing so.

    This is the TRUE REASON that we are seeing mind-controlled and low vibratory behavior happening daily all over the planet!

    Through the World Wide Controlled Media, a “continuously” NEGATIVE News Stream is carefully dispensed through devices, including,





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    1. The last film I ever saw at the cinema was the black panther film. Everything was going fine until they flashed an African mask in the form of an angry reptilian in 3D towards me! It was SO shocking/triggering as a flash back to my prior reptilian experiences, that was it! No more cinema or tv for me! Sick sick “people” and I AM a person who gknows who I AM!!! And it still sent a cold hard shock into me!


      1. Years ago while in communication with one of these beings I was being fed numerous pieces of information with regards to their agenda. At one point I had to re ask a question and he instantly lost patience with me calling me a “stupid monkey mind” to them that was an insult! .. I’m telling you I would much rather be a monkey in a tree picking nits of one of my friends backs than a reptile eating one of his brother’s unhatched eggs!! His short patience gave himself away, plus I think he was beginning to know I wasn’t going to play along with the game.

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        1. I’m reading the inanna returns book again. I read it years ago but I want to refresh my memory. Even if they didn’t create humanity they feel like they did so they can be the masters but truly…they don’t care much for humans. Or at least most of them won’t. I encourage people to read that book as it gives you an insight into their minds…they behaved like spoiler brats almost “humanlike” lol.


            1. This link has her pdfs of her books .I’ve read about 60% of the book again already since yeatyeste and can say it’s mostly genuine. The things described do add up to things I’ve found to be true… Although al I don’t agree that they created humanity.


  3. Read and learn and when your cup overfloweth forget all of it for none of it matters. Every piece has a bit of truth to it…that is how you get hooked in. Now at the end of all days only the full truth must come out. You will know within what resonates as the truth. Learn to listen to your spirit. It is your guide.

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  4. Tau (2018)
    Year : 2018 Sci-Fi, Thriller
    Once a street-smart drifter, Julia (Maika Monroe) is the latest person held captive, a body and a mind to be exploited in a fatal experiment. The only thing standing in the way of her freedom is TAU, the advanced artificial intelligence developed in secret by Alex (Ed Skrein), her masochistic and enigmatic captor. TAU is armed with a battalion of drones and robots that automate Alex’s futuristic smart house and laboratory, the walls lined with screens that visually transport it from grassy plains to the depths of space. TAU’s potential is only limited by his understanding of the world he exists in, but TAU is ready for more. Julia, showing resourcefulness and courage, must race against time to bridge the boundaries between man and machine, connect to TAU and win her freedom before she suffers the same fate as the six other subjects who came before her.

    Movie Info
    IMDB : tt4357394 | 5.7

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    1. The Black Hole (2006)
      Year : 2006 Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
      In St. Louis, the scientists Dr. William Hauser, Shannon Muir and Kent accidentally create a black hole during an experiment. While investigating the phenomenon, Dr. Hauser and Kent die and the army comes to their laboratory under the command of General Ryker. Shannon tries to call the prominent Dr. Eric Bryce, but the scientist does not answer the phone since he misses his daughter Kayley after the divorce to his ex-wife Elizabeth. When he is contacted, he comes to the laboratory and soon he finds that the experiment has also unleashed a creature that feeds off energy. The Powers That Be wants a nuclear attack against the creature, but Eric warns that the action will increase the black hole. He also believes that the creature may be destroyed and the black hole closed if they are attracted to each other. However, only General Ryker supports his theory while General Tate wants to bomb the location.

      Movie Info
      IMDB : tt0433883 | 3.2

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    1. Turn within when the time comes. Use the gate within to get out. If you wait for false messiahs then the false ascensions promised will only lead to loss of consciousness.


      Is the Dark Forces Planning to Use the Ascension Process to Harvest Humans?
      The idea that the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their minions (the Controllers) have been planning to harvest humans to use them as a food source during the ascension process is not a new idea. For the last year or two, I have been searching for strong evidence to back up this claim. So far I have not found any irrefutable proof that humans have been harvested to be used as food. However, I have found some evidence that points toward that direction and I do know that we are being used as “batteries.”

      The following content in block quotation is extracted from my fourth seminar titled Word Magic and the Power of Words. It explains in greater details as to why the Dark Forces may be planning to harvest humans during the ascension process, which is supposed to occur near the end of this age.

      One of the things you need to know about the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and the Controllers is that they like to tell you what they are doing to you or are planning to do to you in movies and TV shows. In the movie Jupiter Ascending (2015), there is a scene where Titus shows Jupiter a room filled with thousands of vials that contain youth serums.

      By drinking the youth serums, it allows Titus and his race to live for thousands of years. What was shocking about the serums was that they were made from harvesting hundreds of dead humans. Could this be the ichor or the “golden blood plasma” that the Greeks used to talk about?

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