The Humanity I Know

Built a 5 tier vail system to separate the parasitic consciousness AI drones from the spirited innocent life.

The system will reach completion and reinvert, then we will not be repeating the journey this time.

5 thoughts on “The Humanity I Know

  1. This En.Ki Lucifer lover on GLP also used the word Vail for Veil. Is there a significance to it?

    He will initiate billions into the intelligence of the darkness …and remove the vAiL
    Lucifer (SuN)
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    User ID: 12702162
    United States
    12/04/2018 08:00 PM
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    He will initiate billions into the intelligence of the darkness …and remove the vAiL
    All was hold by a psychological trick….the great wizard of Oz after all was only a man…

    How strange is, that the strongest chains are not the physical ones but the mental ones…

    With a few psychological tricks you can move billions into any direction you want and create using their organic energies and creativity any world form you desire.

    Who ever controls the god form can control how government structures and economical system unfold, than any reality can be transmuted … …

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  2. Imagine that. Still the abuse is unimaginable. I do, often, it’s not someplace I like to go, but It helps put things into perspective. We need time for song and dance, friendships & romance.. all that good stuff, I feel like that was robbed from us somehow. Not cool. But every adventurer needs an epic backstory, and yours is the most fascinating I’ve ever known. Here’s to good times bro. infinity & beyond.

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