Soul Food

Don’t allow your hunger to control you.

Put in the request, don’t steal or eat things that are harmful. If there is a lag between the request and the delivery then there is an issue with reception.

If you act the role of the wild one then this place will be all the more meaningful for you.

There are those who are wild and those who are comfortable putting in a request.

The system is a direct mirror, except every value is inverted. Where ‘success’ is ‘life’ in truth, in this system, the success is measured in monetary value, intelligence and influence.

The catch is that intelligence and purity was always connected, in this system, a kind of play along for our own demise pop up book projection system of spiritual relevance, intelligence is still valuable however it is filtered first through the monetary system and all that is influenced and through social influence which is a similar level of redirection, misdirection and deception.

It is as if the living gave half their vision to the dead, so that the family may be seen again. This image was not accurate in truth and describes another being that is not us. Thus, we have a system here that is resurrecting an outdated, non human, suspended consciousness, artificially generated synthesis of matter and machine mind and this system is then being used to play out yet another game.

Through this system, the non humans are here ‘playing’ as humans.

Don’t be deceived, they are not playing but lying in wait for food and we are of high energy by comparison. The children play, these things are not playing out of innocence, they are biting at one another, themselves and moving in patterns that only indicate a realignment of sorts.

As has been said, they were in the dark.

They didn’t know what had been done, the others didn’t know, truly, what they had created. More so, they didn’t know the extent of the influence of their work, not personally.

They agree to deactivation is this equates to something else.

They couldn’t feed on anything but us because we are the closest thing to the source that does not destroy them.

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