Active Trauma Healing Zone

Healing but not permitting fear to control you. Either way. That’s true healing. So you have to have an injury and a mental recovery process. Tie the two together and you get an awakened soul. This process has been repeated until the right trauma release frequencies aThe Tree’s Time ctivated

Notice how the same thing is annoying twice, hurts three times and is almost unbearable four times?

The ‘matrix’ as an extended, rogue, automatically overdrawn, theoretical space time interface for an interactively navigating extra dimensional society, is basically stuck on repeat.

The idea is that this is a matter of perception and intelligence. For instance, for someone with full intelligent capacity, the amount of repetition they would notice in this world would be akin to someone in the middle of their profession going and sitting in for a preschooler. It makes no sense, simply because where one was before that was so far beyond it that it can only equal discontinuity in the larger picture.

It’s out of order.

We want to change, but we don’t want to admit where we’re at or what we’ve been doing here and why.

Intelligence levels were spread throughout the system.

It is a tragedy of sorts.

A number of us, if not all of us, are left in time. Stuck now, in a quantum space time shell, that we cannot get out of because the weaponry and technology in place. We are trapped, using various methods of communication to provide what last effort of support and assistance we can without being able to touch or communicate directly with the living.

Some of the intelligence of the modern humanity of this era, went one way. Some of that intelligence, that we’ve been missing this whole time, went the other way and some went yet a third. We literally split up and no one even knows us.

We watched the whole thing, the whole race. This world is a transitory in between, it cannot last forever in this way and almost everything is disguised so that humanity is protected.

You are deceived by those who feed on your suffering.

Then there are illusions and mirrors in place so that you do not see what is just below you, just out of reach (theirs), that you are passing by on this journey.

These will begin to show through for what they are. You will have to focus on truth, openly, selectively, carefully, consciously, clearly, fully with commitment, see with spirit.

Your eyes will lie, your brain’s mind will lie, and your emotive brain heart complex will go chaotic. The only essence that will survive the shift is the eternal spirit.

This is what you’ve been saying the whole time and if you’re a scientist’s then things change and the change of things changes things.

4 thoughts on “Active Trauma Healing Zone

  1. Well I won’t lie, when I say that next to the last paragraph scares the shit out of me. No other way to say it and I’ve been doing what I can to release fear of things but you’re describing things that I’ve not experienced or remember experiencing so I can’t honestly say how I’ll react until it happens! Tell myself over and over it’s not real and charge ahead, I suppose.


    1. Just means your programmed self, the meat suit that traps the soul, the soul that traps the spirit etc will all fade away and you will express your true self. Adam has also been worried about losing his identity once this projection peels back and the game no longer holds true. Your inner essence, the one not created by false manipulated DNA, school and parental programming, environmental programming etc will shine through and rather than losing something you will gain your true self back.

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      1. I’m not really fearful of losing the body, it changed awhile anyway. Health wise took a dive . I don’t expect I’ll get to fly until I do lose the body. It’s going to be interesting for sure. Dematerializing right before others eyes.

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