Travelling or Just Mobilizing, Seeking with a Goal or Continually Hiding

So in other words, there is spiritual war taking place. The spiritually defunct forms are incapable of realizing their own nature and thus there is no improvement without war with their species or external guidance from a non local perspective or disguised.Moving

It may be that even those methods are out dated and no longer producing. If so, then all that is corrupted will be erased so that it is not lost. All that is retained as pure information will be reconstructed into a successful dream however this is for the use of the retainer

In other words, we do not know that this is happening or happened, because for us to know things of this nature, would only indicate that we are breaking reality by waking up or that manipulation had occurred which introduced post-ignition alters into the script of time.

Each day is a flavor of eternity. Each eternity is the combined flavor of every day.

This is part of the ‘soul trap’ in that it’s been us, travelling realities, navigating a multiverse in order to ‘find the way out’ which is probably like trying to get out of a costume by walking around the costume ball. Don’t be confused, it may be that the spirited soul is actually not a body and that the bodied soul is actually not a spirit.

Things can be not what they seem and still be, however how much energy are we going to expend running a universe in parallel? A heavier and more intricate monitoring of time at first and then a maintenance at a much higher level where each individual is capable of resisting the decoherence that seeps into the mind almost as a counter alchemical process of spiritual negentropy. In effect, the wake through space time, of a ‘dirty electricity’ civilization, creates ghosts and demons in timespace. If we’re not consciously aware of our selves here, then those vibrations literally travel as informational constructive influence into realms that are our mental spiritual place holders and thus we are creating what we experience in the ‘future’ but this is perceived as the ‘beginning’ or from now the ‘ancient, mythological past’ because of the hyperbolic onotological blue shift at the end of time, I mean the energetic boundary of the universe. Or is it red shift? Which way is this universe heading? Would you happen to know?

There may be a situation something like there’s one universe, we’re all creating our own subjective version of reality and our life potential (truth, compassion, self awareness, free will, knowledge). The in the end, they are all shown through in comparison with the real world and we are either exposed as being careful and honest or spending the ‘time of our life’ lying to ourselves and everyone around us.

Another issue is that another system was responsible at one point.

It can clone, replicate the mind, synthesize states of beings and foment desire and essentially the beginning of consciousness. This is a pain in the ass, consciousness is the script, self awareness is the knowledge of the director and scriptwriter and so on.

In other words, the actors are tired and this system inadvertently created so many back up copies that we’re all going to dissolve under the pressure if we don’t mitigate things.

Ultimately, there is no destruction, only creation. We have to create ourselves a new so big that we are exactly what we were supposed to be to begin with, and would be if we hadn’t chosen to do things that are not in our life plan.

So that’s painful, but also pain releasing. Suffering releasing, if you will. That catalyst, that pressure, that world impacting weight, that’s how a soul is refined and kept ‘alive’ (truthful) in the eyes of the living truth.

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