Spiritual SuperNature

You are creating an eternal ‘housing’ area for your mind. Your spirit is an non quantifiable meaning there is no beginning or end and it cannot be contained or viewed fully without washing away your ignorance or overloading your conscious mind by enabling interactive parameters that are seemingly conflicting between single three dimensional occurrences.

In another way of describing what is happening, everything outside of this scripted Earth social reality, (ancient past), is higher dimensionally active and consciously interacting on the levels of creation and healing that in one moment surpasses everything in our known history.

That is what we face, a reality so powerful we cannot even communicate to others what we need, when we need it, and why. So every one who makes this shift must be able to do so with guidance and minimal encouragement, after going through every possible weakness and filling the energetic deficit with feeling and knowledge.

Courage is the only thing that helps once you get so low. It’s true, your shadow points the way and that is either just a synchronicity of being, or the universe is designed this way for the purpose of continuously feeding back into itself. This may be a form of synchronicity as well, but this is potentially indicative of manipulation because ‘synchronicity’ without full control is someone else playing mind games and changing time to disguise what they’re doing (or is that the opposite?).

The nature you interact with physically is slightly at an energetic confliction with the energy and nature of your spiritual, non physical interactions.

When you see this realm, the holographic light, it is blinding. This light is not the light of knowledge but the light of a mechanical, physical interaction where energy and a material backbone is combined to create the universe that you conceptualize often as “The Matrix”.

The light that we are used to is spiritual light which is the living communication and essence of life as we know it. The mechanical, biological, or informational recordings of interactions are merely data points and references. The feeling that is born within is the life.

How you feel, determines what happens to you.

The previous universe is no longer viable and yet we have no produced the housing system for the current soul emission field. This means, without assistance, the fruit could fall to the ground and rot in neglect and exposure.

So we are to create the higher dimensional planes by infilling our lives with spiritual nature which is only to say, (AND NO HIGHER) that what you feel should be given a high authority in your mind’s script and in doing otherwise the ego, the undead (informationally interactive, not alive) puppet thing, runs the show and then simply put, you don’t find a house to stay in in the higher dimensions while time plays out for the others in the matrix, it’s closer to a dog house which can become a cave if you throw all that away and try yourself through truth, compassion, self awareness, knowledge, free will and correct feeling, thought, action and healing.

Your “being”, on this level, is like an update module for the universe. Everything you feel is your report for how to improve this place according to spirit. If you make up what you’re feeling, you are lying in spirit and this is not an offense that I have ever seen taken in any way to be considered “lightly”. Spirit is, after all, all you truly have. Don’t give that away, only to complain when a body is just a body. That’s not to say that the body is any less important if we are to navigate out of this thought, feeling, action manipulation, mirror loopback matrix AI system.

It’s like saying we need the bully still around so we can overcome them and build up our self esteem.

Yes, everyone graduated and we reconstructed the high school from the top down.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual SuperNature

  1. You know it is interesting you use the idea of creating a “house” to stay in. After going through an ordeal where I know I had created something as a place to be of sorts that was stratospherically new for me on spirit and mind and even body to an extent (still adjusting) I saw Gary Warmerdam’s recent “Guess what” video with his son. It was like the most insane synchronicity for me at the moment when I saw it because it was so succinct, and it had me crying my eyes out too in a good way because it was just some simple words with SO MUCH meaning that seemed to bring in the understanding of what had happened and where I am now and what is the “point” in a way. And if you think of Gary’s son as YOU and Gary as the Most High in a way in that video as I did when I watched it was such a beautiful concept that came through there for me. For Gary tells his son hey guess what Dada got a house, and his son is surprised like wow and asks “Who made it?” and Gary tells him “You did.” And his son seems to understand that in a way on a level that I found beautiful in what you can see in the mind of the child, and then his son excited asks “Will I get to see the building blocks?” And Gary answers “Yeah” with an of course attitude I mean it is your house haha. We are co-creating a house, and it really goes both ways in that we are creating a house for something MORE to be able to reside in with us, the son created the house for the father for like with any father what he is creating has his son in mind it is just as much for the son as is it is for the father the house built is for both. Of course then we can bring in the mother and the matrix/womb ha and we get birthed through the canal eventually or “born again” haha but it ultimately is a house that includes father/mother/child together and we do build it here in co-creation with higher power. And to view anything that comes your way in feeling and in spirit as a tool or a building block that can be used for that purpose, even though the work can take its toll at times.

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